Top 6 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Explainer Video?

Why Your Business Needs Explainer Video

Google is constantly evolving with the updated marketing strategies to keep the brands engaged with their target audience using top-quality content. This content serves in various forms such as blogging, guest posting, social media marketing, and more, to showcase a brand to its prospects. In the last few years, businesses have witnessed a dramatic boom in explainer video marketing to speak a brand and boost their awareness.

One of the main reasons that make the explainer videos an excellent marketing tool is its effectiveness in elaborating even complex business ideas. Using videos, you can easily deliver your brand’s message and connect with your target customers. Further, explainer videos help in inspiring people even if they have no idea about your offerings and the list of benefits goes on.

This blog is figuring out the top six reasons behind the huge popularity of explainer videos. Let’s get started.

1. Explainer Videos Grab Attention

Businesses need to hook their visitors on the website by providing them complete information about their products and services. Explainer videos can capture the attention of your target audience by delivering them your brand’s message just in seconds. Plus, videos can increase the visitors’ stay time on your website and decrease your bounce rate. The more time your visitors spend on your site, the more chances you will get to have happy customers.

2. Explainer Videos Increase Conversion Rate

Apart from capturing the attention of visitors towards your website, businesses also need to convert their visitors into leads generating sales. This is where animated explainer videos come to serve the companies belonging to all kinds of industries. Conversions are the final goal of any company. And a well-made video can do wonders for your business in spreading your brand towards a large pool of audience and generating sales cycle.

3. Videos Reflect Your Brand’s Culture

Reflecting the personality of any brand is a crucial factor in connecting and engaging the target audience to any business. It is another great thing that businesses essentially require to make site visitors into their permanent customers. Texts and images cannot convey the emotions and culture of your brand as efficiently as a video explains. Showcasing your brands ‘culture in the form of video build up your credibility towards the customers to buy from you. By stressing upon industry expertise with a touch of humor and more, you can give your audience a better understanding of your business.

4. Explainer Videos Communicate the Message Effectively

A study from Wharton Research justify has found that an average person can retain only 10 percent of what he hears and 50 percent of what he watches. This fact has revealed that audio-visual content works better for humans to process information. Every business comes up with distinct and complex ideas, workflows, and more. Hence, providing explainer videos for your business is an excellent way to enable them visually learning about your offerings.

5. Explainer Videos are the Perfect Pitch for Your Business

Besides being engaging and connecting the customers, explainer videos serve truly as a multipurpose marketing tool for your business. A well-made explainer video with appealing visual content can instantly grab the attention of customers. Explainer videos result effectively especially when your business has complicated products and services. Usage of videos is not limited to websites only, you can also use them on social media platforms, attach them to your marketing emails, and more.

6. Explainer Videos Offers Better Search Engine Ranking

Google always ranks the websites on which users spend most of their time. The more users love to stay on a site, the higher the chances for it to rank high on Google. Explainer videos always encourage engagement as well as the spending time of viewers on your website. Both these elements are good for your website from Google’s perception and Google will get a positive message from your website. Hence, providing explainer videos on your website encourages your visitors to visually get the information about your products and services.

Showcase Your Brand and Get Connected with Large Customer Base

Providing an explainer video for your business is vital to spread your brand’s voice and nurture it. The major reason behind the essentiality of explainer videos is the preference of people to watching over reading. To accomplish the above-listed benefits from an explainer video, you need to maintain top-notch quality if you are doing it yourself.

Are you also thinking about creating a well-performing explainer video for your company?

Getting help with an expert video production company will greatly help to make a professional video based on your business requirements.

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