Why London is the best city to learn music?

Why London is the best city to learn music

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London is often famously called the student city extraordinaire and there are strong reasons for that. Anyone who comes down to this city is enamoured by its charm. With over 350 live music venues, it’s not surprising that folks here are in love with sound and symphony.

If you are planning to study music in London then you would each day of your stay. This place provides the most conducive environment for students and learners, enriching them in every possible way. It is a key centre that pulls in people from various walks of life all over the globe. This is why it is perhaps the best place where you can learn. Here are other interesting reasons that will convince you to pack your bags and head to London to study music:

1. It is the best city for students

London has enjoyed an official ranking that clearly states that if you are a university student then this city is your dream destination. The survey was carried out by the QS higher education group where they questioned 50,000 students. The social and cultural ambience of the city plays a major role here with theatres, museums, cinema and restaurants and at every corner. Not to mention the opera houses and Broadway shows here. The great cultural diversity and ground for interaction with like-minded people is another plus.

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2. Music is serious business here

The universities in London take learning seriously and bring the most advanced tools and concepts to imbibe knowledge. Music is no different here and you will find the best industry gear and tool during your course. There would be music facilities where you can practise and refine your skill. Rest assured you will get all support from the campus and exposure outside to help you perfect your expertise.

3. London is home to live music gigs

London thrives on music and it’s that unadulterated love that pulls in some of the best musicians to this capital city. There are close to 20,000 gigs that happen here on an annual basis. It is often credited as Europe’s live music capital. To host such big events, London has some amazing arenas such as Wembley Arena, the O2 Academy Brixton, The O2 Arena, Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club and more. It also makes for a fabulous reason for you to explore music courses in London.

4. Music has found conducive ground in London

London has been home to great musicians such as Freddie Mercury, John Lennon, Elton John and more. It has also given birth to fantastic music genres throughout the ages. The streets of London have seen orchestra performance with Sophie Wyss in the 1940s and has also seen the birth of metal with Led Zeppelin in the 1970s.