Why Are Animated Videos So Popular?

Why Are Animated Videos So Popular

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The art of animation has been with us for quite some time now. The cartoons were made animated and even now this technique is in practice. In the past, animation was a technique in which the pictures were hand-drawn and later portrayed in such a manner that it gave the sense of a video. Nowadays we are equipped with the latest tech that assists in making this process easy but back then this process was surely lengthy.

Later, this technology evolved and we witnessed a rise of 2D animation. Although it is not used that much nowadays. Still today a 2D animation company does provide its customers with quality animated videos. Nowadays the peak of animation is 3D animation. This has changed the world of animation forever. 

The 3D animation makes the objects and characters move into a three-dimensional space just like the real world. This attracts the viewers and they find the idea of this animation to be quite fascinating. Making a 3D animated video is a complicated task. A lot of work has to be done behind the curtains only then a good 3D animated video comes out. There should be enough time invested or the end-result might not be up to the expectations.

Why Is 3D Animation The Peak Of Animation today?

People like to see new things on their screens every day. The more creative the content is the more chance there is that it will get rewarded. Every little and tiny bit of detail is focused on 3D animation. Let us understand it this way. Have you ever seen a cat running? Surely have. Have you focused on the movement it makes while running? How its legs land on the floor and how the fur wooshes in the wind? How do its small ears sway with the head?

All these little details are focused on a 3D animated video. Do you remember the movie Avatar? The reason for its fame was that it happened to be the first-ever animated movie. After that, a lot of directors adopted this idea, and not to anyone’s surprise this actually worked for them. 

The 3D animation is used in movies, TV shows, cartoons, and video games. The reason for the popularity of 3D animation is simple: it offers the real-life movements of the objects and the characters as well with all the small tiny details that are mentioned above.

A Career In Animation?

A career in animation can be promising. As the demand for 3D animated video is increasing rapidly the need for 3D animators is increasing as well. Naturally, a human brain is always attracted more towards visual content. Those days are gone when people used to read long writing pieces just for the sake of information. Now a 5 minutes animated video contains more information than a 1000 words written piece. 

A 3D animator always has a good position at the office. He can manage a team that includes other junior 3D animators, content-writers, and graphic designers. However, for the 3D animator, it is very important to have a source from where he can get all his ideas. That is why a lot of animators travel, read books and watch movies.

How 3D Animation Can Help The Storytellers

We have often heard the storytellers complaining about the lack of interest that people have. Gone are the days when stories looked good on the books. Nowadays 3D animated video is the best medium by which you can tell your stories. The amazing and catchy animated video makes sure to have your viewers stick till the end of the video.

How You Can Choose The Right Animation Agency?

For you to get your animated video made you must choose the right animation agency. Below are some points that can help you in the process of choosing the best animation agency for yourself.

  • Do not go after the cheap ones because anyone good at anything will never do it for the less price.
  • Make sure to set your budget first and then start your search as it helps you to narrow down your options. 
  • Always ask for their portfolio so that you can have an idea of how good they are at their work. 
  • Ask for their business development model to understand how they conduct the process of making an animated video.
  • Make sure to provide them with all the required information so that they make the end-product just the way you need it.


The near future will belong to 3D animated videos. They have been getting famous day by day with their outstanding features. If you have the skills then you must surely make your way into this career. You can even make your profile and work as a freelancer. A 2D animation company and a 3D animation agency can help you make your animated projects just the way you need them.,