Which are the right varifocal lenses for you?

Which are the right varifocal lenses for you

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Varifocal glasses are a simple and hassle-free solution for multiple vision corrections. You don’t have to switch between different pairs of glasses to get a clear vision for both near and far distances. 

Varifocal lenses still remain to be one of the most cherished innovations in the eyewear sector that has resolved the lives of glasses wearers. As technology continues to evolve, we now have the freedom to go for varifocal glasses that suit our lifestyle and individual needs. 

What are varifocal glasses?

Varifocals, also known as multifocal have different vision strengths on their lenses. The very name ‘varifocals’ suggests the presence of various focal powers on the same lens. 

Unlike bifocals, multifocal lenses don’t have visible segments. Instead, they give the impression of a single vision lens whose focal power differs in the top and the bottom section. 

The lens has to be created in such a way that the area meant for distance viewing is in line with your pupil. Since these lenses need more precision than your regular optical lenses, they can be slightly costlier than single vision lenses. But, it doesn’t mean that you have to spend a fortune on them. You can get your hands on a cheap prescription glasses with multifocal lenses if you explore the online options.

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How do varifocal lenses work?

These glasses offer better vision at all distances by changing power across the top and bottom of the lenses. You just have to move your eyes up when looking at a road sign or move them down when reading a newspaper or a restaurant menu.

Here is how the three different vision powers work:

  • Distant vision: You’ll have to see through the upper part of the lens when focusing your eyes on distant objects. This will work for people who are nearsighted and need vision correction for distance viewing. 
  • Intermediate vision: You will find a better intermediate vision if you see through the middle of the lenses. The focal length is perfect when performing tasks at an arm’s length such as using a computer.
  • Near vision: The bottom portion of varifocal lenses is meant for giving clear near vision. You have to look through the lower part of your glasses when you are reading a book or sewing. 

Who needs varifocal lenses?

Whether you need varifocals or not, your optician is a more suitable person to answer this question. Have an eye test, know your refractive error(s), get your prescription, and then either buy online glasses or buy them from your nearest optical store. 

People experience a loss in their near vision due to presbyopia when they are in their 40s. If you are already myopic (you have poor distant vision), you will need varifocal glasses in your 40s to correct your multiple refractive errors.

Astigmatism is also a type of vision problem that leads people to shop for varifocals. It refers to the unusual shape of the cornea that makes light focus at more than one point in the eye. People with astigmatism find it difficult to see at both near and far distances. This is where the varifocals come into the picture as their best buds. Varifocals give people the ability to have a clear vision wherever they look.

What are the different types of varifocal lenses?

There are mainly three different types of varifocal lenses in the market.

  • Standard varifocal lens: These are just like bifocals but without visible lines. They are preferred for their wide focal areas and clear vision. 
  • Premium varifocal lens: These are definitely an upgrade on the standard lenses and have minimum peripheral distortion, unlike standard varifocals. They are customized as per your prescription and the unique lens cut of your chosen frame.
  • Elite varifocal lens: These have the widest field of vision and you won’t have trouble adjusting to these lenses as they have the least peripheral distortion and the clearest vision. 

Which varifocal lenses are right for you?

When it comes to your eyes and their multifocal needs, you want to treat them with nothing but the best. This is why you must go for elite varifocal lenses when buying online prescription glasses. They will give you a crystal clear view, you won’t have headaches from the distorted peripheral vision and the varifocal adjustment period will be as slick as it can get.