Must-Have Tools for The Photographer in You

What tools do you need to be a Photographer?

Photography is an art, an art of capturing the beauty around you. It takes years to become a professional photographer, or does it? Photography is not about the expensive lens that you have. It is about the passion to turn simple images into captivating scenes.

If you want to be a professional photographer then you should have the Similar Photo Cleaner to manage and remove the duplicate image files. Additionally, you might want to have a look at these top-notch tools and applications to add to your arsenal.

Top Tools to Bring Out the Professional Photographer in You

1. Shootproof:

Whether you shoot birthday parties, weddings or if you love commercial portrait photography, you must use an application to share the images with your client(s). This is where you can check out a free yet powerful application such as Shootproof.

Shootproof is a wonderful app that allows you to share the image files with your clients. You can share the draft image files before sending the final documents.

Ask your clients to indicate the images they want to receive and return to you the gallery for the next steps. Clients can indicate the images they want to receive and return the gallery to you for the next steps. Shootproof also offers the option to sell professional shoots.

2. Sun Seeker:

As the name implies Sun Seeker is an application for photographers who love to capture amazing scenes according to the direction of the sunlight. This is a free application that is available for iOS and Android devices.

It is a useful application for the ones who want to shoot pictures according to the golden hour of the Sun. There is a visual overlay that will allow the user to locate the movement of the Sun throughout the whole day.

Whether you are a mountain photographer, or if you love to shoot natural sceneries or if you are planning the sunset shots, Sun Seeker is an extremely helpful app that can help you capture those perfect moments.

3. The Tangible Promo Pieces:

Even though digital media is the best way to keep in touch with the clients and share the files, the old style of print media is still alive. Different clients from art directors to businessmen and to-be-brides would still want to see your image files in print.

Print media offers high-quality tangible prints that the digital media can’t even think to match. Additionally, these tangible prints can be preserved for a long time and cherished forever.

You must share your promo pieces with some select clients. Your designs and portfolio can serve as a beautiful brochure that speaks of your skills. This can be an effective way to reach out to potential customers and clients.

4. Business Card:

Social Media and networking platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are a great way to networking but in-person networking is important in itself.

Business cards, when designed right, can speak tons of volumes about your work, dedication and your skills. Keep the front of the card clean and have a nice image printed on the backside.

Do not try to have too much information on the card. Keep it sweet and simple and pay extra for the best quality paper. Cheap-looking cards will bring down your brand and reputation.

5. Calendly:

You must be tired of the tedious back and forth emails and notifications to set up appointments with your potential customers, clients and business contacts. This is where Calendly hops in to make things simple. This is a simple yet powerful application that saves you precious time.

This app also helps you manage things in advance. You can easily set up your calendar with available time slots and schedule the meetings. This will make the clients get in touch with you according to your convenience and slots that suit your schedule.

Both the photographer and the business contract are notified of any changes. Calendly application also sends out automatic emails to remind your client of the meetings and appointments.

This app synchronizes with the Google calendar.


It is believed that photography is a beauty in itself and not all have the guts to go for it. With these tools, we guarantee that you will bring out the hidden photographer in you.

There are numerous high-end free and paid tools and applications you can use. To keep things transparent as your camera lens, we have included some of the best tools and apps in this guide.

You can search for top apps on the Internet or just go through this list. We are sure, you would love our list of best photography tools. Use these tools today and start getting tons of gigs and improve your brand.

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