What Defines Popular Memes in 2022?

What Defines Popular Memes in 2022

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Have you ever tried to make something go viral? It’s harder to do than you think. Many factors go into creating a popular meme, especially popular memes 2022. Being a meme maker is not as simple as tossing text on an image and calling it done.

So what does make a successful meme? How do you know when you’ve struck Internet gold? Read on to learn what defines popular memes in 2022!

Memes: A Definition

The term meme was only coined less than fifty years ago in Richard Dawkins’ book The Selfish Gene. He called a meme an element of culture. Behaviors, practices, music, or ideas that spread from one person to another like a pathogen.

And like the pathogens Dawkins compared them to, memes mutate. The meme spreads through copying it, editing it, and showing it to others, and this has translated extremely well to the Internet. To the point where memes are held up as an example of Internet Culture itself.

What’s In A Meme?

Viral memes often use images that convey a certain mood that adds to the text overlaid on them. For example, who hasn’t seen Grumpy Cat or Distracted Boyfriend? Both of these have attained legendary status among meme aficionados.

You can still see them in use today, Distracted Boyfriend especially. These are memes that go beyond the sensible chuckle most images will get from the audience. Popular memes, in a sense, are over nine thousand.

As a meme creator, you need to know that you can’t use a meme template to go viral. When you’re learning how to make a meme, you have to keep in mind that three main factors go into the most popular memes. They must be replicable, they must spread quickly, and have a lot of staying power.


A key component to many viral memes is how easy they are to copy or edit, then repost. This is true whether it’s a file on your computer or a real-life practice. This is where something like the Ice Bucket Challenge excelled.

You didn’t need much skill to reproduce it, and it came with instructions. When it comes to internet memes, it’s easy to replicate them. They are digital files and anyone with basic image editing skills can change and upload them.


Truly viral memes spread quickly. One of the biggest examples of this is PSY’s Gangnam Style, which was YouTube’s most viewed video for a while. Reactions, parodies, and image versions of the video exploded all over the Internet.


The most popular memes stick around longer than an eyeblink. One of the best-known memes is a bit over twenty years old. The line “One does not simply walk into Mordor,” from the 2001 Lord of the Rings series spawned thousands of imitations over the years.

Lord of the Rings can be considered a bit of a meme factory, thanks to all the fun the Internet had with certain scenes and lines throughout the trilogy. The most infamous involved taking the hobbits to Isengard. Lord of the Rings was truly a gift to the Internet.

Some Popular Memes 2022

The Internet spawns some very entertaining things with all the popular memes 2022. Memes are a part of our cultural language, and we should embrace them. Long live the meme!

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