Which are top 5 Upcoming Mobile Applications in 2020-22?

Which are top 5 Upcoming Mobile Applications in 2020-22

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With the rise of smart technology and smartphones, things are going to change. Now, smartphones have become an essential need. Along with these technologies, all other technologies are becoming a necessity for our lives. Henceforth, the trends of mobile app development are growing rapidly. App developers and users both are empowering this growth and trying to create a new chunk in the market. However, these new changes have made our lives easier.

2019 was the great year for IoT and AI technologies and 2020 is one of the best years from a technological point of view. It can be said that in 2019 everything that has prepared will actually work in 2020. With the rise of online mediums the growth of new technology will increase now, most of the businesses are coming online to sell their product and services. Various mobile app development companies are offering services like Healthcare Mobile App Development, e-commerce app development, Taxi booking app development services, and more. Mobile apps have the power to boost online business by creating awareness.

5 Upcoming Mobile Apps that will Gonna Bring a positive Change:

E-learning Applications:

In this lockdown period, each student, university, and college is facing some issues regarding exams and lectures. An increased number of coronavirus patients force the government to postpone the exams. Most of the universities and colleges are designing their online courses and trying to educate students through online media. In India, Mobile phone users are increasing day by day and this increasing number won’t stop progressing shortly because e-learning apps can empower teachers to perform perfectly by appraising the performance of students in real-time. E-learning mobile app developers are now adopting new technologies to promote online education, they are working hard to find an ultimate solution for all the students.

Multiple E-learning Solutions as per the Requirement:

● The learning application for Coaching Classes
● Learning application for Nursery & Preschool
● eBook Learning application
● Online Training applications
● E-Library application Solutions
● Education Gaming application
● Mobility Solution for College & University
● Education Management Solution

Healthcare Application:

From the point of clinical management and low operational cost, Healthcare mobile application is one of the most popular upcoming applications that will especially be made for patients and doctors for their comfort. In this difficult time, App developers are working on developing a variety of healthcare applications by which patients can take online recommendations and their advice for health issues. Through the app, users can check their blood pressure, sugar level, heartbeat, and more. The journey of Healthcare mobile applications will not be easy but if all the people understand the importance of healthcare apps then nobody can stop healthcare apps from becoming popular.

Important Compliances that should be Present in A Healthcare Application:


Fantasy Sports Application:

In the iGaming industry, players’ comfort and their experience is a prominent decision. During this lockdown period, People are at home and playing online games on their mobile phones. In recent years, the use of high-quality graphics and 3D technologies to enhance user experience. Now the way of gaming has changed, From kids to adults, everyone can play the same game on different devices and can enjoy the game with their friends and family members. In fact, Fantasy sports are gaining popularity among seniors also. Because of entertainment and fun, Fantasy Sports App Development companies are striving to build a user-friendly mobile application that can bring a positive change in the iGaming industry.

Ecommerce Application:

E-Commerce is called electronic commerce where a buyer can purchase the goods through online media and a seller can sell his product online. Here transactions are taking place within buyers and sellers. To share business information, maintain good relationships with other businesses, reduce the use of paper and documents, use of computers for conducting the business transactions that are connected with some networks.

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In the market, a variety of app development companies are serving national and international clients and offering online services to clients. Various E-Commerce app development companies are offering world-class apps to fulfill the requirements of users. Virtual shops may not provide physical touch but will help to save the time and energy of the people. At this time where the corona pandemic is growing rapidly, people are unable to get the necessary products. E-Commerce applications could be proven as a boon in this difficult situation. Home delivery service will help citizens to get all kinds of necessary products at their doorsteps.

Video Conferencing App:

Video Conferencing app will be the next level application that will come up with more advanced features. Through this app real-time communication is possible. Video conferencing will help to connect the whole world on a single platform. During this lockdown period, people are following the rule of social distancing and staying at home. In this situation, to connect with their family and friends, video conferencing apps will help to connect them. They can talk face to face and can enjoy the experience of real-time chatting.


Hence, as we have seen that technology is growing rapidly and changing the way of living of all the people. By providing ease to individuals, tech experts are inventing new applications with advanced features. There are a variety of applications in the market that are used by every mobile phone user but advancement in this application will be coming soon. I hope this read will help you to gain some new knowledge and if you are looking to start an online business then you can choose any particular field and you will guarantee success in the above fields.