Top 5 Software to Sort Your Movies Easily

Top 5 Software to Sort Your Movies Easily

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With the finest movie catalogue software, you can arrange your movie collection and pick what information you want to preserve. You can make movie folders using the apps on this list.

You can maintain your collection in order with such software. It can obtain the required information about your movie automatically from trustworthy sources such as IMDb. Use this software to catalogue your movies. We have an extensive guide curated just for you.

The 5 Best Movie Catalog Software:

1. Filmotech – PHP/MySQL Support

2. EMDB – Physical CDs are supported.

3. MoVee 8 – XML Export

4. GrieeX – Sync your movie library

5. Personal Video Database – Keep track of the large movie collections.

1.) Filmotech – PHP/MySQL Support:

Filmotech is a fantastic solution for those who want to manage their recordings easily. This movie catalogue program may be downloaded to your computer or burnt onto a CD using free CD burning software and then inserted into your computer’s drive. Using this library
programme, you will be able to make your own unique movie.

It has numerous capabilities, such as the ability to create subtitles and captions, as well as organize your videos by date, size, and whatever other characteristics you choose.

You may save your videos to your computer and share them with friends and family all around the world.


● DVD, Blu-ray Disc, and DivX support are provided throughout the configuring procedure.

● Utilization of a local database

● Data should be downloaded automatically.

2.) EMDB – Physical CDs are supported:

EMDB enables the user to generate a huge number of database entries, which are subsequently saved on hard drives for future use. The format can be chosen by the user based on the needs of the production business or the director.

It also features a mechanism for automatically indexing all of the data in the database. This movie library programme is compatible with nearly all operating systems and includes technical assistance. You may also need to know how to organize photographs to preserve your
images in the correct sequence.


● Manage watched movies or TV show episodes

● Barcode scanner

● Import from files

● Movie information is being updated in bulk.

3.) MoVee 8 – XML Export :

MoVee 8 is simple, with tabs for different genres that correlate to the different movie titles. There are additional sections for upcoming releases, current movies, and most recently released movies. This movie library program is compatible with both Windows and Mac computers.

MoVee eight also has a database of over 14 million movies that is continually being updated. You may look for movies by genres such as Comedy, Drama, Romance, Action, Science Fiction, Horror, Western, Family, and so on. You’ll also, find contact information for the persons behind the movies, as well as brief narrative descriptions and screenshots for each one.


● Available on all platforms

● Movies that will be released soon and those that are already popular.

● Poster Finder

4.) GrieeX – Sync your movie library:

GrieeX is a simple yet efficient method for storing all of your videos in a single file. Movie files are kept on your hard disc rather than on a CD. This means you can instantly go back and select a movie, or even skip to a certain film. With this programme, you may easily go from disc to disc, adding or removing movies as needed.

GrieeX’s software is available for free download. Once installed, it makes browsing through the thousands of volumes in the library a breeze. You may start building a collection of your favourite movies as long as your computer includes DVD-burning software.


● The interface is quite simple.

● An Android app with IMDb or TMDB information is available.

● Export your movie collection to an Excel spreadsheet.

5.) Personal Video Database – Keep track of large movie collections:

Personal Video Database allows the user to search for a certain movie title, genre, or actor, and even contains information about the director, whether recognized or unknown. It is built on relational databases, a strong technology. In reality, the database has the capacity to
store almost two billion video titles.

Personal Video Databases may be used for a variety of purposes, including searching by genre, rating, actor or actress, price range, and time frame. The ability to filter an entire database down into subcategories, tags, and descriptions makes this service extremely useful for small
company owners and professional filmmakers.


● Filtering, grouping, and sorting are all quite powerful.

● Plugins allow for further expansion.

● Complete Unicode support

● It’s completely free.