Spring Cleaning Tips To Disinfect Your Home

Spring Cleaning Tips To Disinfect Your Home

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With spring cleaning comes the need to disinfect your home, so here are some great spring cleaning tips to disinfect your home. Disinfecting your home is more important than ever with the recent COViD-19 pandemic, and good disinfection of your home will help keep you and everyone else who lives with you safe and healthy.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about disinfecting your home when performing your spring cleaning. If you are ready to go, grab your cleaning supplies, and let’s get to work!

Every Hard Surface In Your Home Needs To Be Washed

One of the most important things to remember when disinfecting your home is to make sure that you are washing and cleaning all the hard surfaces in your home. These are the surfaces that people will touch the most, so ensuring that they are clean and thoroughly disinfected should be a priority.

Wash the surface first with hot, soapy water to kill off most of the germs that may be on the surface. Once you have done this, you will need to go over the surface with an anti-bacterial wipe, spray, or other disinfecting product. What you use for this will depend entirely on what you have access to at your home.

Read these tips for cleaning hardwood floors. We know they will be helpful!

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Use All-Natural Disinfectants Whenever Possible

Disinfecting your home thoroughly and properly is essential, but people rarely remember the disinfectant they are using and what all can come of using the ones filled with chemicals. When you are performing your spring cleaning, and going around disinfecting your home, remember to use disinfectants that are made with all-natural materials.

This will help cut back on the number of chemicals you are putting into your home and body. The chemicals can almost be worse than not disinfecting your home, especially since many of those chemicals can lead to health issues for you further down the road. Always remember, use all-natural disinfectants whenever possible.

Remember To Disinfect The Soft Surfaces As Well

Another good spring cleaning tip for disinfecting your home is remembering to disinfect all the soft surfaces in your home as well. It can be easy to forget about them, but you will be allowing a huge amount of bacteria to survive in your home if you do not take the time to disinfect those surfaces as well.

The soft surfaces of your home include couches, pillows, chairs, carpets, and beds. All of these are susceptible to bacteria living on them, and if you do not disinfect them, you can be sure that you will be facing those bacteria later on. For soft surfaces, it is extremely important to remember to use only all-natural disinfectants.


Disinfecting your home during spring cleaning does not have to be a long and troublesome task. By doing the research, you will make it a very simple task, and you will get it done before too long. You now know some great spring cleaning tips to disinfect your home.