Reasons Why Bus Wi-Fi is Important in a Fleet

Reasons Why Bus Wi-Fi is Important in a Fleet

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Most if not all passenger buses and coaches have wireless internet access, commonly known as bus Wi-Fi. In the digital world, passengers cannot take a 2-hour long journey without getting connected or entertained. This relies on internet access, which is very important. If you are in the business of providing transport through buses, you need to know the main reasons why bus Wi-Fi is important in a fleet. You are in the right place since this article will highlight all of these benefits.

To Keep Passengers Working

You may have seen how working on the move has become rampant these days. Even when traveling for a few hours, many passengers want to keep working on a project, respond to emails, contact clients, and do a lot of other work that requires internet connectivity.

Bus Wi-Fi allows them to connect their laptops, tablets, or mobile phones and continue working as usual. If your fleet can give this convenience to customers through high-speed internet, they will definitely come back.

To Keep Passengers Entertained

One of the main biggest reasons to install a bus Wi-Fi from a reliable supplier such as Eyeride LLC is to use the entertainment system in the bus. High-speed internet allows the fleet to provide the following entertainment to passengers:

· Streaming music, news, and movies – People of all ages like staying entertained when they are traveling. Buses and coaches have tablets or touch screens that are screwed on the headrest to allow passengers to watch their favorite media. These devices are easy to operate for personalized entertainment without inconveniencing other passengers in any way.

· Playing games – Online games are now available on many websites. Passengers can also enjoy their favorite games by visiting the known websites and continuing with their favorite games. The fleet might also have collaborated with some gaming websites to provide free games to passengers.

· Browsing social media – Apart from socializing, social media is equally entertaining. Many buses and coaches use to have fun social media apps such as TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for people to browse and stay entertained.

To Keep Fleet Staff Connected

Most other fleet management solutions rely on the internet to function properly. These devices still use the bus Wi-Fi to transmit real-time information to the fleet supervisors and managers.

Surveillance systems and GPS trackers that are connected to the bus Wi-Fi transmit information in real-time such as the supervisors can track the buses and coaches in real-time. Furthermore, they can access and print reports at any time they want without having to contact the drivers.

Other devices that are connected to the bus Wi-Fi are automatic passenger counters. The system is an integration of sensors and cameras, which also transmit information in real-time to a remote location.

Lastly, drivers need the bus Wi-Fi for navigation on their navigation system. The good thing with a live navigation system is that it guides drivers on the faster routes, especially when the bus is navigating through cities.


Many people would be surprised to board a bus without bus Wi-Fi. That is why every fleet should consider installing one. The above reasons should compel you to install or improve your bus Wi-Fi system immediately.