Planning A Short Yet Memorable Trip from Delhi

Planning A Short Yet Memorable Trip from Delhi?

Short trips or off time let us explore ourselves, reconnect with our friends and family and is very important to refresh our minds. To serve the purpose of short trips, usually, anyone can get entangled to bring up a perfect and bright plan. Worry no more because you have got a good opportunity to appreciate Indian heritage with your loved ones in a very short span of time. One such impressive and promising trip is the Chambal safari tour in Agra from Delhi. One other captivating option is the same day Taj Mahal tour by train. Either you can plan these trips by yourself or leave it all to the top-notch tour planning agencies which will guide you throughout at nominal prices. You can simply pack your bags and get ready for exciting yet one of the most memorable trips of yours with your loved ones.

Plan an enticing Trip to Agra

Agra is approximately 200 kilometers away from Delhi if you are traveling via expressway highway. Taj Mahal which is considered as one of the seven wonders of the world is present there. It was constructed by emperor Shah Jahan was constructed by the loving memory of Empress Mumtaz Mahal. Its structure, marbles, and authenticity have led several tourists across the world to attract this place. You can consider going to Agra fort which also depicts the history of India and has been rebuilt by many kings in the past. You can also include the Chambal safari tour in your plan. You can either rely on the agencies. Some of the good ones are – India Taj tours, Taj Mahal day tours, Padma holidays, etc. You can consider this plan and be acknowledged by any famous tour planner –

1. Leave Delhi via an agency or by yourself through train or car. You may be able to reach Agra in approximately 4 hours. If you are with an agency, they are probably going to take care of your stay and take you to the hotel. Once you get to freshen up, you can plan your day accordingly.

2. You can then take a visit to the Taj Mahal. Enjoy its beauty and take around to the whole fort. If you are under any tour plan, you will be having a guide for sure who will tell you the history and tales behind the place and then you can explore the Mahal. If you have planned the same day Taj Mahal tour by train, you can also cover up the Agra fort. It was originally constructed by Emperor Akbar and then Shah Jahan took over it. Then he made some changes to the architecture and made the fort more beautiful by adding craft and marble to it. It is now a UNESCO world heritage place. It is worth visiting and acknowledging the history of India.

3. If you have planned for more than a one-day trip, the Chambal safari tour is worth a visit. You can spend half a day thereby appreciating the birds, having a boat ride with crocodiles surrounding you, sightseeing of the endangered dolphin species and giving a walk to the place. There are camel rides as well in case you are interested to take. That stands optional and according to the will of a person. It is around 70 km from Agra so it will consume your whole one day.

4. Next, you have got two options. One is that your return the same day to Delhi or spend a night at a hotel and then travel back to the city.

In case you are planning to take help from tours and agencies, they will mostly cover –

a. Travel fee.

b. Hotels and breakfast.

c. All the tickets to fort and toll taxes.

d. Guide charges.

e. Vehicle charges.

Now you can completely rely on, pay the agency at once and forget all your worries. If you want to plan by yourself everything then you can plan the same day Taj Mahal tour by train. Agra is the nearest station to Delhi where you will find a lot about Indian history.

If you wish to and have time, you can also extend your tour and visit Jaipur. It is nearby and there are lots of forts, restaurants, street markets, and sightseeing there. While dealing with travel agencies, you can customize your plans, add or delete the things you do not want in your tour. Then you can pay for only what you have planned. You can easily take out a weekend or take a day off to travel and reconnect with people over this short yet entertaining trip. Make some memories, click lots of pictures, have food in their style, talk a lot and make it worth reliving. Agra is worth a visit and you can plan it according to your feasibility.

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