Make Your Dad Feel Extra Special on Father’s Day With These Gifts

Make Your Dad Feel Extra Special on Father’s Day With These Gifts

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Father’s Day is only a few days away. Still don’t have a present for your old man? Don’t worry! You still have a bit of time before June 20 hits our orbits. There’s still good stuff on store shelves for your pops. Don’t have time to go out? That’s okay—you can always hit online stores for the best deals and finds.

Treat this entry as a gift guide of sorts as you do some last-minute shopping for the special day. The following items are sure to bring a smile to your dad’s face the moment he receives them.

For The Active Dad

Got a dad that likes to work up a sweat? These gift ideas will have him running about and working out in no time.

  • Running shoes

Is your dad a big fan of running? Be ten steps ahead of him and give him some nice running shoes! When buying a pair, make sure it’s light and comfortable enough to walk and run on any surface. You wouldn’t want your old man to have sore feet, do you? So get it in his favourite colours to make it extra special.

  • Smartwatch

Regardless if he’s at the gym, race track, or a boxing ring, a smartwatch will come in handy if your dad wants to keep track of his fitness goals. He can access all the metrics he needs in just a few swipes. He can also connect it to smartphones as well, upping the convenience factor. And the best part? It looks stylish to boot and won’t look out of place in professional settings!

  • Boxing gloves

Don’t pull punches (yes, pun intended!) and get him a reliable pair of boxing gloves. Then, if your pops want to hit the boxing ring or just work on his skills at home, he won’t have to worry about hurting his hands with these around. The gloves’ Velcro system should be nice and tight for maximum protection.

  • For The Techie Dad

If your dad’s the tech-loving type, we can bet that these following gifts are on his gadget wishlist.

  • Powerbank

This nifty charger is perfect, especially if your dad’s the on-the-go type. If his phone’s running out of juice while he’s away from home, no need to worry about finding charging stations or power outlets. He can charge his device anywhere and anytime as long as he has this with him.

  • Gaming console

Gamer dads, rejoice! Let your old man competitively pass the time by giving him a gaming console. You can go all out by buying a home video game console or choose something smaller like a handheld one.

  • Streaming stick

If your dad’s tired of network and cable TV, this may interest him. Get shows and flicks from different streaming platforms just by plugging this powerful stick. All the content he’ll want to watch will be in the palm of his hand.

  • For The Outdoor-Crazy Dad

Mother Nature is hard to resist for adventurous fathers. Support their love for the great outdoors through these gifts.

  • Hiking bag

Hiking bags are no ordinary backpacks. They’re big enough to store some hiking essentials while being lightweight for most backs. Choose a high-quality bag for your old man so that it’ll last him for a long time.

  • Camping tent

Make any usable ground a nice campsite with this around! Pick a solid and sturdy variant that can withstand unpredictable scenarios (windy weather, storms, etc.) for extra comfort as your dad enjoys Mother Nature’s best views.

  • Insulated water bottle

Let your dad enjoy hot or cold beverages outdoors with this essential item. Does he want his morning coffee hot or cold? No need to bring heavy kettles and coolers up in the mountains with this in tow!

  • For The Cooking Dad

If your dad loves spending time in the kitchen whipping up culinary masterpieces, boy have we got the gifts for him.

  • Pasta maker

Got a pasta-loving dad in the house? Make him happier by giving him this practical gift! He can now make and enjoy fresh handmade pasta from the comfort of his kitchen. If you’re feeling extra generous, buy some additional attachments for more pasta types.

  • Espresso machine

Every coffee-loving father will love to have this addition to their kitchen. Espresso machines are usually all-in-one setups, saving you the trouble of buying individual pieces. Make his morning joe more enjoyable with this on hand!

  • Hot sauce set

They say that if you can’t take the heat, best get out of the kitchen. But we’re sure your spicy food-loving dad can handle a few kicks from his favourite hot sauces. So get this in sets or packs for more variety!

At the risk of sounding cliche, it is the thought that counts when giving gifts to your old man. Regardless of what you buy, your dad will appreciate it.