Is Travel heading towards a radical transformation post COVID-19?

Is Travel heading towards a radical transformation post COVID-19

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According to the Times of India, the Covid recovery rate has increased to 97.28%. India has eased up the Travel restrictions within the country with necessary COVID protocols. Due to the impact of Covid, Travel agencies in India had been affected intensively.

When the covid hit, The governments of various countries had imposed strict guidelines and closed their borders for travel. People remained locked up in their homes for several months. One of the top contributors of the economy, The Global Travel Industry, had lost around $935 Billion. The livelihood of people who were dependent upon the travel industry was seriously damaged. According to statistics, The tourist sector has lost around 100 million jobs. Women who contributed to 53% of the workforce were at high risk. The effect of covid on the travel industry has influenced hospitality and hotel services as well. Half of the hotels which relied heavily upon travellers in the tourist spots are now closed permanently. The handicrafts sector, Museums, Zoological parks also suffered their share of loss.UNWTO anticipates international entries to decrease by 70% to 75% for the whole of 2020. Europe is among the top countries which have endured severe loss in the Travel and Tourism sector.

Is travel heading towards a radical transformation post-COVID-19?

Tourism development plans

The Indian ministry of tourism has proposed plans to improve the travel and tourism sector to boost the country as a medical travel destination. The government has also proposed plans to issue a 5Lakhs visa to tourists free of charge. This scheme will be valid till March 31, 2022, or till the issue process gets over. The finance minister of India has announced the contribution of financial support for registered tourist guides and travel and tourism stakeholders.

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Indian’s Increased appetite for travel

Since people had spent several months in lockdown, Not going out took a toll on their mental health as social beings. When the government eased up the restrictions to travel within the country, People started to travel as if there was no trace of the coronavirus. People are crowding over to the hills. The rate of advance booking in hotels had increased to 10 percent compared to 5 percent last year. Tourists flock over the hill regions, such as Manali and Shimla, and the hill properties appear entirely occupied. To avoid the spread of covid, the Himachal Pradesh chief has recently insisted the tourists on following the protocols strictly.

Rise of Virtual Travel

When everyone remained in their cocoon because of travel restrictions, Virtual travel uplifted the spirit of everyone. With the help of innovative technology, modern tools let people experience the astonishing views of international locations with a single tap from their joystick. VR travel experience carefully crafted for user experience offered a joyful experience to the users without panicking about the covid spread. This modern technology lets people encounter the Real travelling experience starting from the flight journey to their destination. Because of the safety assurance it offers, a virtual travelling experience might help the travelling industry recover from the fall.

What changes can we expect in the Travel and Tourism sector post-pandemic?

Due to the concern of safety, The importance of hygiene and sanitization will increase everywhere. Travellers would opt for more customized trips to enhance their safety during their journey. Starline Travels, a leading tour company in India, offers you an enchanting travelling experience with customized travel packages tailored to your needs.

Tamilnadu, one of the leading states in the Tourism sector, has constituted a separate panel to promote the tourism industry safely. The measures taken by the government appear to benefit the Tamilnadu tours and travels industry.

How to be a Responsible Traveler?

While the travelling activities have revived, we need to take necessary safety measures to avoid the spread of covid. Here are some tips to be a responsible traveller for the benefit of you and the entire nation.

● Research about the destination and enquire about the safety protocols to your travel agent.
● Travel in small groups and avoid overcrowded spaces.
● Ensure the rooms in your hotels are well sanitized and follow the necessary protocols before you check-in.
● get yourself fully vaccinated before opting for travel
● Get the documents such as E-pass and Negative PCR tests ready before you travel.
● Wear masks and use sanitizers always.
● Invest in Travel insurance to enhance the safety
● Avoid contact with the surfaces in public spaces.

Israel and European countries have implemented a new system called “Vaccination passports” as a safety measure for travellers. Hotels in India are encouraging their staff to get entirely vaccinated. This measure will boost the vaccination rates further and thereby offer a safe travelling experience