Import your Goods Successfully via Ocean Freight

Import your Goods Successfully via Ocean Freight

If you wish to send your cargo from one point to another, ocean freight stands one of the feasible options. Transporting the goods internationally can be expensive and annoying if you are sending them via another way. Ocean freight is one good way of easily handling and sending the goods across the country to the desired location. Ocean freight services are further divided into two sections based upon the dimensions and weight of the product – LCL (Less than container load) and FCL (Full container load). As the cargo is transported into the containers, the goods are either sent into personal containers if the size is large or clubbed with other cargos from multiple shippers in one container if the cargo size is less. In case you wish to send you goods across internationally, here is the whole guide –

1. Ocean freight services – Many companies are keen to take the responsibility of delivering your goods to neighborhood countries safely. You can choose one of them. Some of the famous ocean freight companies are – DHL, I- containers, Report, Freight, etc. Now once you choose the company, all you must do is to identify the type of shipment you want for your cargo. If the dimensions of cargo are less, then you can select LCL ocean freight services. In that, you only pay for the space which you are using up. On the other hand, if your cargo is 20 food or 40-foot-long, then you can select for ocean freight services. It is one of the inexpensive and widely use ocean freight services. This is because the amount paid for space remains in bulk which is cheap as compared to LCL ocean freight services. Although, LCL ocean freight services can be cheap if the dimension of the cargo is less than the permissible limit. The most basic steps that are used up in transporting the goods are –

a. You need to contact a freight forwarder and then provide them with the specifications of the goods such as – dimensions and weight. Document such as – list of the cargo packed, commercial invoice, etc. along with other ones that are required should be submitted.

b. Then the cargo will be picked up or dropped off by you to the warehouse and from there it will be loaded off to the ship and sent to the destination requested.

Once the cargo reaches the destination port, it is either put into the warehouse for collection or delivered to the desired location. Also, make a note that if the cargo is loaded into the warehouse it is for the limited time say for 3-10 days. After each day passes by, the company starts charging the money and that you have to pay it at the time of collection.

Along with these basic steps, you need to keep a check on the customs clearance and for that, you can also appoint customs and clearance agents. Here is all the detail about custom and clearance which you need to know –

Customs and clearance processes are the documentation and permission required to either export or import the good into or from the country. It is one of the trickiest processes to follow as there are many steps involved in it. The documentation that is required is – payment of the duty charges, commercial invoice including shipper and receiver address, value and export date, client examination, etc. To allow this process to be free, you will find many customs and clearance agents. The custom process includes the following steps –

a. Completing all the shipment paperwork including forms, duty charges, assessments, invoice completion, etc.

b. To check if all the taxes have been cleared up at the time of import or export. Checking if the taxes have been as per the threshold.

c. Checking if there were any duty charges unpaid or paid. If not paid, shall be taken care of and paid at the time.

Today, as the facilities have been increasing the provide everyone a hassle-free life, custom clearances have also become easy. As there are many companies which act as customs and clearing agents to provide a smooth process. They take care of everything from the beginning such as picking the goods, loading into the ships, taking care of the commercial invoices, duty payments, clearance of taxes, etc. All you must do is to trust a company. In the end, documentation plays a very important role and you should be well updated with the process. To ensure your cargo is traveling safe, many companies have also started the online tracking of the good until reached the desired destination. You can now compare the benefits of the freight service providers and select according to your comfort level.

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