How to Use Microsoft Onedrive? Tutorial For Beginners

How to Use Microsoft Onedrive

Our Expert team will ride you for OneDrive. Here we will talk about steps by steps to get started with the cloud storage service on your Windows 10 PC.

OneDrive is a Microsoft product that is attached to cloud storage service. Every user who having a Microsoft account can easily use these services to save photos and files to OneDrive.

How do I access OneDrive?

  • Sign in with your credentials.
  • Click on the top left of the screen (behind the waffle).
  • Select OneDrive from the list of applications.

How can I use OneDrive App for Mobile?

Yes, you can. OneDrive is available on Android and Apple. To access OneDrive via your Mobile App:

1.) Download Teams onto your phone from the Android Play store for Android phones, or through the App Store for iOS

2.) If prompted, sign in with your University credentials

How Many Plans for OneDrive?

How to Download Apps?

Beginner’s Guide to OneDrive for Windows tutorial. 

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