How to Make a Profitable On-Demand Model Assist Gig Economy?

How to Make a Profitable On-Demand Model Assist Gig Economy

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Creating your own style of business is an interesting one and this makes the business owners stand indifferent in the market. Empowering task-based labor, no-boss working practices, and work for an application, not for the owner are then aggregated into the single term called Gig Economy. After the large financial crisis observed in the year 2008-2009, there is a large explosion of gig employment.

Right from the infrastructure to the collection of payment, Gig economy is a one-man organization and avail all the benefits by individuals. The gig is the immense opposite term compared to the reception of regular salary for regular working hours. It is a completely independent one and provides an extreme comfort zone to carry the tasks.

Nowadays, new age professionals need interactive opportunities to showcase their talents to the world. Carrying regularly based works like education, paid jobs, and staying in a job for the long term will not give interesting things and then many new age professionals are attracted to the gig economy. You want to see the clear picture of the gig economy means; go through the stats below

Among the globalized workers, 36% of gig employees were involved in the gig economy.

The contributed value of freelancers $1.28 trillion in the year 2018 and this will attract more than 50% of the US workforce in 2027.

Among the six traditional workers, one of them would like to be an independent worker.

You are thrilled!. Yes. The impact of the Gig economy is ever-growing and the impact is unpredictable for the global economy.

Gig Economy: A Platform to turn individual as Profitable Business Owner

Performing short term tasks to earn money for long-term goals is the special aspect of the Gig economy. This section shows some interesting aspects of the gig economy and how it turns the individual as the business owner.

Curious form irrespective of the financial crisis

As you all know the economic curve is not always flattened, self-preparedness against them is the necessary thing. The gig economy provides numerous ways to gain more benefits which makes the curious one.

Nowadays, large-scale unemployment is observed around the world. Rather than questioning them, preparing us with the right practices is the smart solution. Gig workers can easily be picked for short-term tasks, worked in flexible hours, and earned the profit.

Gigs: Wheels for PayScale Spectrum

Irrespective of the hierarchical in business sectors, gigs offer enough pay scales to the senior executive, middleman, low-scale workers as per the work schedules. Upon this contributing way, the gigs are organized into two such as knowledge and service.

In the first case, independent management peoples or higher-end professionals are benefited. Alternatively, in the second case, trade peoples or delivery drivers are getting their payment after the task is completed.

Technology Outbreak: Bring the world to the doorstep

Growing innovations in technology fine-tune human activities. During this fine-tune practices, most of the gigs are benefited from ride-hailing services, shopping, and rental strategies. When time is considered as a precious thing, business owners and the gigs turn their attention to capture the on-demand services.

With well efficient transparency on-demand mobile apps, gigs availing the benefits from sharing economy. Normally, gig employment is uncertain in nature. But, the arrival of on-demand services turns this uncertainty to the more secure working platform.

Focus on Results

Though traditional employment is full-time, showcasing our owned skills is limited and it should be aligned with the principles from the organization where they are working. In contrast, gig workers have the ability to show creativity unlimitedly while doing the job. The interesting difference from gig to traditional is gig employees focus on the results rather than the process.

Since the gig economy is the modern workforce without a boss, people are happier than in earlier days. The tools from the technology are also assisting in the growth of the gig economy. To succeed in the modern market, all business owners must understand the current market scenario.

On-demand Marketplace: A Handy Partner for Gig Employee to meet ever Growing Demands

The ways to be concentrated while gig employees are partnered with the on-demand marketplace are as follows:

Consistent Improvement

The first thing to build the partnership is consistent improvement. To deal with global clients, there is a need for specialization in new order processing, payment receiving intercommunication, etc. Hence, the consistency in all the aspects makes the marketplace strong for real-time demands.

Fast Payment

The stability of digital links over the freelancers or gig employees depends on how far the payments reached their hands. The online marketplace is the best option to receive the payments as early as possible with the multiple payment apps. The integration of these apps in a marketplace attracts more gig employees effortlessly.

Sensible Community

Organizing all the multi-dimensional gig employees under one roof is a special case for the on-demand marketplace. Within a single window, they can easily interact with each other, sharing their own ideas, the build-up of a sensible community that makes the gig economy a big sharing economy.

On account of these metrics, the on-demand marketplace includes four interfaces such as gig website, service provider, gig employee, and admin. Both the service providers and the gig employees are directly communicated on the website itself, and the admin can take over the control process and manage all the activities easily.

How On-Demand Model Shaping Business and connecting Multiple Gig Players

In a previous section, you understood the workflows and the metric of the on-demand marketplace. Here, the changes with the arrival of on-demand models are illustrated.

Flexible work schedules

Gig employees across the country worked in different time zones and hence there is a need for schedules of the workflow. The on-demand mobile application inherits with the direct option called schedule by which the gig employees set the time period for tasks and completed easily without any frustration

Synchronizing Batches

Each work is split-up across multiple batches. The delay in one batch will affect the entire chain of the workflow. With the direct involvement of on-demand mobile applications, every batch is directly touched and interacted freely. The synchronization in the workflow reduces the delay in the workflow.


Understanding the gig economy nature in both the side company and gig employees, clarity in the trust and loyalty is assured. The gig economy is non-committal and non-expectations. One of the beneficiary things observed as the company can use the gig economy as the trial workers until the permanent positions to be filled.

Intellectual Things Needed for Retaining Gig Employee and Making Fair Economy

As you know in the previous session, the non-committal environment can also lead to the issue of retaining the staff. But, the fair economy also lies in how to retain them. To meet out such a contradiction, the following things are needed for your business.

Prioritizing Top Rankers

Gig employees have the nature of switching over from one to another since they are having multiple opportunities. Identifying the top ranker and engaging those with special things are the smarter things to retain them.

On-demand application has the ability to track the top performer by using the customer feedback, review, and rating. Offering promotions like purchasing the items from shops using codes is also helpful for retention.

Collective Responsibility

Though they work as independent contractors, the participation of multiple gig employees can enable the collective works. Hence, managing by the experienced gig employee and engaging the competitive work environment makes everyone to eagerly participate in the business and strive for growth.


The important thing in retaining the gig employees is transparency. Since they are independent one, the money spent by them comes from their own sometimes. So, claiming policies and the bidding policies to be made strong enough to assure the consistency of revenue. Besides, transparency in commission sharing is also a major requirement.

Mentions to take away

This blog can give you the depth analysis of the gig economy, how the on-demand marketplace shapes the business in detail. The mentions to take away for your business are as follows:

  • Independent creators as gig employees
  • Valuing talents by the on-demand marketplace
  • Sensible community building
  • Reshaping the workflows of business
  • Retaining with intellectual things.

This way the list goes on. Measurements about the market scenario before starting a business are the important thing. Integrating the on-demand strategies will make assured profits for gig employees and shape the fair global economy.