How to Fix Glitch in JPG Images with Data Corruption

How to Fix Glitch in corrupt JPG images

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Glitches due to corruption in JPEG files are annoying. File corruption can make your precious images distorted, appear grainy, blurry, damaged, and color-striped or display images may other visual issues.

However, these glitches in JPEG image can be removed by using efficient techniques. Read on this post to know what best ways to fix glitches JPEG are/ JPG image files.

Why your JPEG files have glitches or distorted

Photos can corrupt during download or transfer process from camera, tablet, or mobile phones. There could be many reasons for glitch in JPEG photos. Some are listed below:

  • Sudden power cut during ongoing transfer process
  • Photos did not download completely
  • JPEG file turned corrupt due to bad sectors on storage drive or media
  • JPEG file turned corrupt after recovery from a unsecured data recovery software

Methods to fix glitch JPEG/ JPG images with data corruption

Since glitches in JPEG file appear because of data corruption, you need an efficient photo repair program. But before that it is advisable to try some workaround to fix the problem. May be your issue gets resolved without using a software.

Workarounds to fix glitch in JPEG images

Download JPEG files again

Often improper download, transfer, or import of images lead to JPEG/JPG glitch. Your JPEG image files may not get transferred properly because of sudden system crash, shutdown, power cut in the mid of process. There are complaints that sometimes JPEG photos turned grey or show glitches after importing from photo editing programs also. In any such cases, if original file is present at the source location, simply download, copy, or transfer the file again.

Open your JPEG image file in an alternative photo viewer/ photo editor

If you’re JPEG/ JPG doesn’t open properly in one software, try to open it in another program. May be your program doesn’t support JPEG/ JPG file format.

Get back your JPEG photos from backup folder

Do you maintain backup of your JPEG photos? As computer hard drives, SD cards, flash drives etc., in which JPEG photos are usually stored, can get corrupt anytime. Corruption naturally leads to some kind of glitch in your JPEG files. Backup is a savior in such photo loss situations.

If the above workarounds fila to fix image glitch, try the below methods to fix corrupt JPEG pictures:

1. Use Command Prompt to fix JPEG glitch
2. Fix glitch in JPEG images with JPEG repair tool
3. Repair corrupt JPEG/JPG files with Hex Editor

Use Command Prompt to fix JPEG glitch

Windows users can use Command Prompt feature to repair corruption in files including JPEG photos.

Follow the below steps to fix JPEG glitch with Command Prompt:

  • In Windows Start box type CMD
  • From the list of options, right click on CMD
  • Select Run as Administrator
  • Open command prompt, type sfc/scan now
  • Press Enter
  • As the repair process ends, restart your computer

Next open your JPEG files, the glitches should be removed.

Fix glitch in JPEG images with JPEG repair tool

Glitches like color bands, grey/ black boxes, blurriness, grains, etc., denote corruption. Even JPEG errors such as ‘Invalid Value for Registry’, ‘No Preview Available’, ‘JPEG Error #53’, ‘Unknown JPEG Format error,’ and others are because of corruption in JPEG image files.

Use a professional photo repair software to fix such glitches in JPEG image file. There are many JPEG repair software available online. However, you should carefully choose the one, which is secure and advance enough to fix JPEG corruption issues.

One such recommended tool is Stellar Repair for Photo. The DIY photo repair software is safe and fixes corrupt or unreadable JPEG/JPG files. Even when your JPEG file is damaged beyond repair, the software extracts its thumbnails. Further, the software is fast and can repair multiple JPEG photos in one go. You can also repair RAW file formats with the help of Stellar Repair for Photo.

Repair corrupt JPEG/JPG files with Hex Editor

If you are tech savvy and have knowledge of ASCII, use Hex Editor program to fix glitches in JPEG files. With a hex editor tool, you can view and edit the raw content of an image file, which is in the form of binary digits, 0 and 1.

You can correct image data corrupted by system or any program.

Note: Never work on original JPEG file. Make a copy of a JPEG/JPG and open it in a hex editor.

Some popular hex editors are Hexinator, wxHexEditor, HxD, Hex Workshop, Winhex, and Cygnus etc. They are available for both Windows and Mac computers.

To Sum Up

A reliable photo repair software is the easiest and assured way to remove any kind of glitch in JPEG/ JPG image files. However, you may first try Windows Command Prompt feature to fix minor JPEG corruption. Hex editors are also helpful but they are not for the normal users. You should be familiar with ASCII encoding to use hex editor programs.