How to Edit Video on A Computer Without Programs

How to Edit Video on A Computer Without Programs

Creating a beautiful and entertaining video is impossible without a powerful program. How to edit videos at home so that it is quick and easy? Why not try FlexClip online video maker, which is great for working on any version of Windows? The video editor is able to change the length of the video, its quality, combine several fragments, lay down music, text, and much more. Read the article and find out how you can efficiently process any video file using this software.

Step 1. Create a project and add files

After you sign up on FlexClip, you can start with the “Create New” button. Decide on the aspect ratio. It is better to apply the 16: 9 format, as it fits most monitors, televisions, and smartphones. Files are added in the next step. All you need to do is to find the folder with the necessary clips in the preview window and place them on the storyboard – the desktop that displays the timing and playback order. Each element (eg, photos, videos, audios) can be selected with the mouse and click the “Add” button.

Step 2. Trim

Superfluous fragments and prolonged scenes can be easily removed by trimming the video using the FlexClip editor functionality. You can select the fragment of the storyboard whose size you want to reduce. After you click the trimming button, and a yellow slider will indicate the beginning and end of the desired segment. Everything outside will be deleted. Need maximum accuracy? It is also available to split the video by specifying the time interval manually. With FlexClip, you can also learn how to rotate a video 90 degrees, and also reflect it.

The “Simple text, dynamic text” section is intended for adding inscriptions to the frame. It can be subtitles, signatures of characters, congratulations, place names, signposts, and any other text boxes that seem appropriate to you. The software offers a selection of 20 ready-made styles with pre-selected font and text color. Adding a logo will also help to make a video more professional so that promoting your brand.

Step 4. Apply Effects

You can even make a boring movie more entertaining with a video editing program. To do this, go to the “Filter” tab and select one of the presented filters. Each preset can be applied to the clip with one click of the mouse. In the program catalog, you will find thematic categories for every taste: “Greyscale”, “Vintage”, “Lomo”, “Amaro”, “Chromatic”, “Rise”, etc. Do not want to be limited to the basic set? You can try an extra preset with vibrant animations! Flashes of firework, Emoji, glowing graphic figures will make the movie lively and vibrant.

Step 5. Sound of the project

A video sequence with atmospheric musical design captures the viewer’s attention much stronger because, in this case, the video affects not only vision but also hearing. In the “Music” tab, you can add a background composition to the project that will sound throughout the video. It is available to add a track from the program’s collection or download an audio file from a PC. The software allows you to adjust the volume so you can check that the background music does not drown out the original sound in the video.

Step 6. Insert Transitions

The Transitions section contains over 20 animation options for spectacular scene changes. A new picture can arise from the justify, be replaced by cubes, dissolve with dots, inverted page by curl. It is possible to choose the option that seems most suitable for you and add it to the project. You can use the same type for all fragments or choose a different one for each episode.

Step 9. Saving

When all things are finished, you can click “export video” and select the resolution of the video file, including 480p, 720p, 1080p. Now you know where and how to edit video quickly and efficiently. With FlexClip free video maker, you can create interesting, dynamic videos with incredible simplicity! Anyway, with the right video editing tools, you can optimize your process, allowing you to do more in less time and more effectively.

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