How to pick the perfect splashback design every time

How to Pick The Perfect Splashback Design Every Time

Splashbacks have become quite a staple in many households. When it comes to design or adding style to your home, there is no better option than kitchen splashbacks. A perfect blend of pragmatism and aesthetics, kitchen splashbacks have transformed kitchen and homes worldwide.

However, how do you make sure that you have chosen the right splashback for your home? This is a very common question that we seek to answer in our article today. With the help of a few factors, we’ll make sure you are able to land on the perfect kitchen splashback design every single time.

We are here to share with you the full right information for you.

Make a Budget

The first step in making the right decision is to recognize what your budget is. Knowing beforehand what you are willing to spend on a splashback will help you zero down on the kind of splashback that will perfectly suit your demands. Your budget will determine the material, the brand and size and shape of the splashback that you can afford.

Compliment your kitchen style

A splashback needs to blend well into its surroundings. So it is imperative for you to carefully gauge the style of your kitchen, in order to land on a splashback design that compliments the style, color, and overall aesthetic of your kitchen. Anything will make the splashback look out of place, and you will be itching to remove it down yourself.

The Right Material

What material is right for you? Always Preference with taste is depend on person to person. Some might opt for a red splashback, and others may prefer black. You can choose Tiles if you are looking for something versatile. A modern and sleek looking design can always be had by glass splashbacks. You can choose steel for something more durable and stone for something more elegant.


If cleanliness is your only priority then go for the more convenient glass splashback design. Tile also is very easy to clean and wipe. So if you are someone who is sick and tired of the grout and grime, then the above mentioned options are perfect for you.


Mirrored splashbacks can create an illusion of spaciousness in an otherwise small kitchen. It can easily reflect light adequately and make your kitchen seem bigger than it actually is. This is perfect for those who want grand kitchen but can’t afford one.

Printed Image

If you want to make a bold statement, or maybe want to pay tribute to your favorite pop culture character then you should try the immensely popular printed and customized splashback. These splashbacks allow you to spray your personality all across your kitchen walls. They look amazing and make your kitchen way more interesting than it has any right to be.

The Bottom Line

Splashbacks are a phenomenal invention of style and pragmatism. As such everyone wants a kitchen with a stylish splashback design. Well, with the above tips you can now plan on getting one step closer to that goal. So if you are someone planning to make a splashback purchase, and want to get it right then the above tip will more than suffice.

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