How Mental Illness Can be Dangerous For You

How Mental Illness Can be Dangerous For You

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We can’t deny that mental illnesses take a leading position on most frustrating health conditions worldwide. Given that they affect thoughts, feelings, and behaviour, stakes are high that mental sicknesses can end up messing up an individual’s entire life.

According to a 2021 report by the National Institute of Mental Health, more than 50 million Americans suffer from various mental illnesses. With the numbers swiftly rising, the situation depicts an unfortunate scenario in the current life.

Unfortunately, there is minimal evidence of the recent upsurge. Furthermore, with the world struggling with unfathomable mental health stigma, it becomes nearly impossible to detect and access proper management programs. For instance, there are several successful anxiety disorder treatment options.

Yet, not everyone seeks suitable intervention because of the disgrace and cost associated with it. As a result, untreated anxiety leads to negative consequences that affect interaction with other people within the family, schools, or workplaces.

What are Common Signs of Mental Illnesses?

Often, experts describe the mental conditions as SMI (Serious Mental Illness) and AMI (Any Mental Illnesses). While AMI consists of documented mental conditions, SMI is a severe split of the former. Common mental illnesses include depression, anxiety, bipolar, depression, Schizophrenia, Asperger and dissociative identity disorder. Symptoms vary from one condition to another but primarily include restlessness, anger, sadness, fatigue, and vision distortions.

Impact of Mental Illnesses

A person with a mental disorder may become a danger to themselves or others. Also, they may feel desperate about their situation. Thus, they may act out from stress or experiment with new behaviours when they feel that no one is watching them.

It is crucial to contract a certified mental health professional if you notice concurrent psychiatric disorders in people close to you. Moreover, physical illnesses that portray psychiatric symptoms like social difficulties or isolation can be a source of worry.

Beyond anything else, avoid self-diagnosing or buying any form of anxiety disorder treatment without a doctor’s prescription. Remember that proper health management revolves around having an intensive physical consultation with a therapist before prescribing any medication. Here are some of the common dangers associated with mental conditions.

1. Poor Quality of Life

Most mental illnesses victims lead a fast life which eventually gets caught up in the criminal justice system. Others put their life at risk through suicidal ideation and attempts. The National Institute of Mental Health reports that at least 4% of all college students have attempted suicide. The fact that so many young people suffer from depression and think about killing themselves indicates a need for immediate action before getting out of hand.

2. Discrimination in Society

Often, few people wish to associate with mentally sick individuals. The most common groups that suffer from discrimination and abuse due to their illness include; children/youth, pregnant women, the elderly, and people with developmental disabilities or psychiatric disorders.

3. Violent Episodes

Several mental health disorders cause patients to act out violently against others. For example, Bipolar or Maniac Depression victims struggle between depression and a euphoric state. When the patients become depressed, they may think about suicide or self-destructive ideas to themselves or others in the vicinity to themselves.

4. Sensation seeking

This condition refers to a strong inclination to take high-level risks. Often it is linked to problematic characteristics like toxic relationships, risky sex, fast driving, and substance use. While there is nothing wrong with the mannerism, a desperate attempt to seek sensation can be a significant sign of mental illness.

Mental Health Management

Once diagnosed, several treatments options can bring a lease of new life to affected victims. All in all, recovery begins from acknowledging that you need help and accepting treatment offered by professionals.

Unfortunately, proper mental health management can be out of reach for most people because of the costs incurred. However, free/low-cost community justifies offer therapy services either by licensed professionals or trained volunteers. There is probably counselling justify for student patients that can provide you with similar services freely or at fair rates.

The Last Word

It’s not easy to deal with negative emotions and painful thoughts. Nonetheless, you can pull yourself out of mental health misery by taking anxiety disorder treatment and connecting with positive-minded people. Altogether, when negative feelings become overwhelming, or if you experience an increased urge to harm yourself or others, it’s time to seek help.