How Graphic Design Course Will Help You to Become a Layout and Print Designer?

How Graphic Design Course Will Help You to Become a Layout and Print Designer

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Layout and print designers are artists that enhance the product’s aesthetic value and make it consumer-friendly. Layout and print designers create a visual structure for the page. This page can be a book cover, a magazine, a pamphlet, or even packaging material. To become a great layout and print designer, you need to have a fondness for creating designs and an education that will sharpen your skills. In this article, we will discuss how your graphic design course skills can help you advance your career in print design.

What do you learn in a graphic design course?

The syllabus of a graphic designing course changes according to the institution. However, studying from an experienced faculty of a reputed institution can make a world of difference. The industry exposure and learnings depend on the educator’s teaching skills, their knowledge level, and your dedication and hard work.

A graphic design course begins with computer studies and typography skills. You will then progress to colour theory and various 2D and 3D animation software to help with designing. The list of software includes Corel Draw, CAD, Adobe Dreamweaver, Photoshop, and many more. You will be taught the different graphic principles, sound and music effects, and web design. An excellent graphic design course will also brush your management and interpersonal skills, among other transferable skills.

Most of these skills are vital for a layout and print designer. Companies recruiting a layout and print designers prefer someone with an educational background in graphic designing. Passing out from a respected institute like the Pearl Academy will not only provide ample knowledge and lay the groundwork for your career, it will also offer better job opportunities.

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Careers in layout and print for graphic design graduates

Layout and print design is a broad industry and contains many specializations that you can pursue. Here are some of the popular streams.

Book cover designer

Book cover designers add flair to a book. They conceptualize the book’s contents and give it personality. Great book covers leave an impression on the reader and entice them to read more. As a book cover designer, you have to work with the writer and the publishing house to bring the book’s contents alive for the reader.

Textile designer

Behind every great t-shirt print design is a talented textile print designer. Fashion brands often hire graphic design graduates to create eye-catching print designs for their clothing and accessories line. Whether it is haute couture print or a t-shirt with a funky design, textile designers are required at many fashion industry junctions.

Magazine artists

Magazines have traditionally required graphic design professionals for designing and printing their issues. They work with a team of editors, photographers, and writers to create the layout and design for each issue.

Advertising professionals

Advertising is all about catching the audience’s attention. Graphic designers team up with marketing professionals to create engaging print ads for promoting the client’s product or service. From movie posters, campaign ads, brochures, pamphlets, and flyers, any form of print advertising requires graphic designers to produce next-level designs and ads.

Product packaging

The packaging of a product not just helps in promoting it better but also offers a great deal of technical information and instructions. Practically, every company that manufactures a product hires layout and print designers to design and create everything, from packing labels to shopping bags and totes.

Final thoughts

If you want to pursue layout and print to give your creative potential an outlet, a course in graphic design will provide the foundation you need to kickstart your career. A robust education with in-depth knowledge and abundant industry exposure will help you choose your pick from the different streams available.