How Corporate Video Marketing can help in Business Growth

How Corporate Video Marketing can help in Business Growth

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The importance of video marketing cannot be understated in this digital world. Most consumers prefer video ads to textual content. Video marketing can help a business gain an edge over the competition. Moreover, it helps in converting visits to qualified leads.

Video marketing is no longer an option. It has become a necessity for both new entrants and established brands. Even large enterprises like Charter Spectrum cable utilize video marketing channels like YouTube to advertise their products and services.

That said, you can grow your business with different video marketing tips and tricks. An effective video marketing strategy can help you:

Create Brand Awareness

Videos stand at the top of the entertainment world. They have always been the undisputed king when it comes to garnering attention. Video content helps create brand awareness. Moreover, it helps marketers interact with their audiences in a much more effective way.

With billions of active users, video marketing provides dynamic tools to marketers. Researches show that video marketing improves brand awareness by a staggering 52%. Most shoppers say they watch videos to know about a product or service. If you haven’t already, start using video marketing to promote your products and services.

Get More Conversions

Video marketing accelerates conversion rates. Companies use different strategies to convince consumers to buy their products. Video marketing is a top strategy when it comes to getting conversions. The higher the conversion rate, the more sales you’ll be able to secure.

A Forbes research states that marketing emails with videos can lead to a 200-300% increase in click-through rates. Similarly, brands that use videos in their landing pages are likely to boost their conversion rates by 80%. Product ads and brand adverts compel consumers to make purchases. As a marketer, you should create engaging videos to attract consumers to your products.

Establish a Unique Bond with Audience

Videos help brands create a loyal consumer base. They help companies carve out a niche for themselves. You can reach out to potential clients through customized video adverts. Moreover, you can use video marketing to interact with your customers. Videos are better at evoking emotions than other contemporary mediums. You can play with tone, music, and tons of other stuff to add a human touch to your brand.

Researches show that there are psychological barriers to turning off a video as compared to closing a book. This is a major reason why most people spend hours on video streaming apps like YouTube and TikTok. The black and white text does little to pique the interest of users. Videos, on the other hand, consist of different elements that make them extremely compelling.

Get Better ROIs

Multiple survey respondents speak in favour of video marketing. They say that video adverts yield impressive ROI. Businesses spend a lot on marketing and video content can improve the financial status of companies. Given their tremendous benefits, you should use video marketing to its fullest potential. You can get all the stats on video marketing on the Internet. You’ll be amazed to see how video marketing is improving the financial status of businesses around the world.

Improve Your Google Ranking

Improving ranking on Google is tricky but not impossible. You can use video marketing to boost your search ranking and reduce the bounce rate. The current generation of internet users spends hours watching different videos. Our viewing habits have evolved. Most don’t click on content if they don’t like the title.

Users prefer to scroll sites that appear at the top of search engine result pages. People redirect to another web page if they didn’t find the content useful. These transitions happen within split seconds. A high bounce rate means that users left your website in an instant. A high bounce rate is not good for website ranking.

Remember, Google uses algorithms to analyze and rank web pages. And video content can get you higher rankings on the search engine. The world’s biggest video streaming platform is YouTube. It is owned by Google. You can incorporate videos into your website to get higher rankings on Google. This will help lower your bounce rate. Moreover, you will score more conversions.


Video marketing can provide added impetus to the growth of a business. If you want users to know your brand, start working on video marketing. Do not wait or your competition will gain the ultimate advantage.