Guide to Prepare Well for the PTE Exam

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The Pearson Test of English (PTE), just like IELTS and TOEFL, is mandatory for international students. All Australian universities, professional associations and government departments accept it.
PTE test has four modules — writing, speaking, listening and reading. It is a 3 hour computer- based test. Primarily non-native English speakers planning to study abroad can give the test.

Here are some steps to prepare for PTE Academic exam and ensure the best scores on the first attempt. The test-takers with a good percentage claim that the PTE is easier than IELTS; one can score high on the PTE exam by following the steps below.

Types of Modules

PTE has many task types, as given below for each section.

● Writing
● Summarize Written Text

●Essay writing

● Speaking
● Read Aloud
● Repeat Sentence
● Describe Image
● Retell lecture
● Answer Short Question
● Listening
● Summarize Spoken Text

● Multiple Choice Choose Multiple Answer

● Fill in the Blanks

● Highlight Correct Summary

● Multiple Choice Choose Single Answer

● Select Missing Word
● Highlight Incorrect Words

● Write from Dictation
● Reading
● Fill in the Blanks

● Multiple Choice Choose Multiple Answer

● Re-order Paragraphs

● Multiple Choice Choose Single Answer
Modules Format One needs to understand the test format below to score high on the PTE exam.

● Writing and Speaking (77-93 minutes) – This module consists of seven different types of questions in the test and covers written and spoken English one might hear in an academic environment.

● Listening (45-57 minutes) – This module assesses one’s ability to listen with audio and
video clips. It has eight different types of questions.

● Reading (32-40 minutes) – This module has five different types of questions assessing one’s ability to read English.
Overall, the test module format consists of 20 questions ranging from essay-style responses to multiple choice.


The strategies given below can help to score high on the PTE test.

● Read and Listen English Daily – Reading and listening help improve pronunciation,
native accent, vocabulary and grammar. One can practice through high-profile
international magazines, books, informative TV channels, newspapers, etc.

● PTE Practices – Practicing daily on 3-4 mock tests can help to score high on the PTE exam.

● Improve Reading Skills – One can read aloud, record themselves while practising, re- read to check fluency, be clear about words and improve speaking accent.

● Make List of Words – Making a list of words can polish writing skills and help to
understand the words by taking the PTE mock test.

● Record Yourself – When practising for the speaking and reading test, do not forget to record yourself and listen to it after recording. One will be able to identify the mistakes or can check whether their speaking accent is good or not.

● Prepare for Introduction – The PTE speaking test begins with an introduction. It is essential to make a good impression as part of the preparation. Make a list to cover the points, set the format of how and what to speak and practice introducing yourself. ● Make Notes – Make notes of writing, summarise a lecture, describe images or write an essay in the form of points. The notes must be short and contain keywords and phrases
to represent the vital information.

● Give Attention to Question Patterns – The PTE test has a pattern of questions, topics and so on. The more they practice with mock tests or check the sample materials, the more they become familiar with the patterns, which will lead to scoring high on the PTE exam.


The exam takers often seemed confused about their preparation plan and failed to give their best in the exam. One can follow some tips given below to prepare for the PTE exam.

● Take PTE coaching
● Schedule every day for PTE online practice
● Take mock tests daily

● Work on vocabulary, grammar, spelling and pronunciation
● Give equal time to all modules

● Use suitable materials for PTE practice

● Know the test format

General Steps

Generally, during the PTE test, one needs to follow some general steps to be comfortable and confident while giving the test.

● Read all test instructions carefully

● Use correct punctuation for writing tasks like full stops, capital letters, commas, etc.

● Follow the word limit given for the writing module
● Respond quickly and keep speaking during the speaking module; if not followed, the microphone will be turned off automatically after 3 seconds of silence and stop recording

● Try to spend less time on a single question and use the remaining time to re-check the answers.