Experiencing Minute Glitches in Your iPad? Here’s what to do!

Experiencing Minute Glitches in Your iPad Here’s what to do

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The Apple iPad came out for the first time, almost a decade ago. Ever since it has been introduced we have seen multiple versions of the iPad, and its market has been growing consistently. However, the Apple technical support unit has often received various complaints about slight technical faults. Even though each new update has brought with it advancements for the software, but they still remain very common and easily solvable problems with the iPads.

Encountering Common Problems

1. Your Screen is stuck!

It can be absolutely infuriating when you find that every now and then your iPad screen freezes and refuses to budge! It usually happens due to the glitch in one app amongst the many operating, but it is almost impossible to tell which one is causing trouble. While this is a recurring report made to the Apple tech support, the solution is usually easy and can be solved with their troubleshooting options.

Possible Solution:

There are various ways to get your iPad to unfreeze and start working again. The first and foremost thing that you could do is to restart your iPad. In order to perform this action, you must keep the Power button pressed until the screen shows a “Slide to Power Off” option; once you see it, you should Slide the button to switch off your gadget. Wait a few minutes before pressing the same Power button long enough for the screen to show the Apple logo. If you see the Apple logo, it means that it has worked.

2. Is your iPad not turning on?

This is another problem that Apple iPad users often report, it is exceptionally scary when your electronic devices don’t turn on, but sometimes the problem isn’t as deep-rooted as we would think; and can easily be solved.

Possible Solution:

IPads are often reported to not turn on immediately, and it can freak anyone out! But instead of panicking, here’s what you do: Hold down the Power button along with the Home button and wait until the Apple logo appears. Don’t rule out the possibility that your iPad may be out of battery and all you need to do is plug it in and leave it on charge: if that is the case, then the moment you plug it in a battery sign should show up. If none of these are working, then get in touch with a trusted and reputed repair business, such as Hire Tablets.

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3. Your iPad won’t synch with iTunes

One of the most common issues that iPad users face is when their iPad won’t synch with their iTunes. While it may seem like a little deal, some users are habitual of listening to music when they perform little tasks, of everyday life. This problem is easily solvable through a few simple steps.

Possible Solution:

If your iPad isn’t syncing with your iTunes make sure to check your iTunes are up-to-date. Often when iPads have older versions of iTunes, it can create glitches when you try to synch them. However, if your iTunes is updated, then try using different ports for where you’re plugging them in. It is possible that a port may not be working properly on your PC.

4. Your iPad won’t charge!

Imagine using your iPad to its full battery potential, only to find out that it won’t plugin again. When an iPad doesn’t charge it has various reasons: it could be the port you’re using, the wire, the adapter, or the electrical socket. Each of these problems has suggested solutions that you could try before panicking and rushing to a nearby Apple Store!

Possible Solution:

When your iPad won’t charge, take three possibilities into consideration: One, You’re not plugging it in properly. Two, your adapter isn’t working. Three that the USB cord that you’re using is malfunctioning. If it’s either of them, try using different and compatible adapters, USB cords, or electrical outlets. If none of these work, head to a technical support outlet, immediately.

5. You’re facing connectivity issues

Facing networking issues is a problem that may extend to all electronic devices, and not just iPads. However, it is a problem that has been reported various times over and over again. Enabling Wi-Fi can be easy if you know the right tips and tricks!

Possible Solution:

When you face network issues on your iPad, there are two basic steps to resolve them. First is using the Apple default troubleshooting option, and do as advised by the pop-ups. The second option, however, includes resetting all your Network Settings. This can easily be done by going to the device’s general settings, then select General, and opt for the Reset Network Settings.


Apple iPad’s are extensively demanded in the technological market, however like all technology, even iPad’s have a few glitches that need to be resolved. While these issues are nothing too big, you can easily solve them with the above-mentioned troubleshooting steps for each common problem that arises during your use.