Check The Unusual Side Of Goa

Check The Unusual Side Of Goa

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When one thinks about Goa, the very first things that come to their mind are beaches and parties. But there are plenty of other things that one can do while holidaying there. There are many places in Goa which goes unnoticed and those are the places one must take a look if they really want to explore the place.

If one is planning a holiday in Goa soon, then they can check the details of Taj Holiday Village Resort & Spa,Sinquerim Goa  and book from online if they wish to have a relaxing stay there. And if one wants to explore Goa truly, then these are the things that one must visit and do:

Butterfly Conservatory

This place has a butterfly conservatory and one can get to see some lovely and beautiful butterflies fluttering around. In fact, one can be a part of the butterfly world for a while where they can see them gathering nectar and living in their own world. One can also try and feed them some juicy fruits and spend a few relaxing hours there cherishing the beauty.

Goan Backwaters

Have you ever tried to catching a crab? If not yet and if you wish to do so then one must go for a crab catching session in Goan backwaters. One can either hop on to a crab catching tour or can take help from a local friend from the nearby village in order to tag along with them. The regular crab catchers use a netted trap which is known as ‘Kobblem’ and it is homemade. If one does not wish to catch them on their own, they can watch them as well.


Are you an adventurer and do you like to explore places? Then one can take a cycling tour through the town of Panaji. This cycling tour is guided and one can freely explore the old Goa area which is a must visit. These guided tours mostly have pick up and drop facilities from the hotels and one can have a great time breezing through the roads under long palm trees.

Amboli Jungle

In Goa if one wants a serene experience then they must go for a visit to the Amboli Jungle. One can also go for a trek there where one can make their way through the bulky mangroves and natural canopies of the Sahyadris. When one is a nature lover and also loves to take photographs then this is a wonderful trek route for them.


Water activities are always fun and when in Goa, not going for water sports in a crime. One can get a chance of kayaking here as well apart from all the other water sports. One can row across the charming villages and this is indeed a serene experience.

Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary

This place is full of misty mountains and seasonal waterfalls. This sanctuary is the right place if one wants to spot some exotic animals. The roads to reach here are well built and one can get a beautiful view of Chorla Ghat from here. One can get to see leopards, snakes, deer and bears from sightings here.


If you are a health freak then when in Goa they must make a visit to the well known retreats and yoga centres. Mandrem is a village in Goa which houses some popular yoga retreats and if one wishes they can stay there for a few days away from all the noise and chaos. It has a peaceful environment which is perfect for a recluse.

Ilha Grande

Popularly known as the Bat Island or the Grande Island, it is a place where one has to reach by sailing. Once one reaches there, they can indulge into some adventure water sports like snorkelling, swimming and dolphin sighting. If one wants to stay away from the regular beach crowd then this place is quite a find for them.

Chandor; the Hub of Hot Air Balloons

If one wants to go for a hot air balloon ride then this can be a part in their Goa holiday. Chandor is located in the southern part of Goa where one can enjoy a ride among the skies. These rides are accompanied by a pilot and these balloons can carry up to 10 people at a go. If one wants they can go for a private ride too.

Calangute Beach

This is a popular beach to be which houses the most popular pubs and cafes of Goa. One can also get to see serene sunrise and sunsets from here. One can also indulge into some water sports from here like Jet Ski, Paragliding and some more.

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One might think what is so special about Mapusa? Well, this is a place where one can get to see and learn forms of comprehensive martial art which is also known as the Wing Chung Kung Fu. It mostly emphasises on lethal street self defence. Most Goans learn it here to have a basic knowledge of self defence and one can indulge in a session too even if they are holidaying.


Taj Holiday Village Resort & Spa,Sinquerim Goa  is one of the most surprising things because one can go for dolphin sighting from there. There are several cruises that start from Sinquerim and they take people for dolphin sighting. One may also be allowed to take a dip in the water and be a little playful with these friendly creatures. This is one of the most happy things that one can do while in Goa.

Dr Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary

This is a mangrove habitat which is located in the Chorao Island and that too in the Mandovi River. One can take a short ferry ride from Ribandar and can reach the island. The best time to visit this place is obviously around November to January where one can get to see migratory birds. A lot of species from Siberia fly down here and one can spot them in the early winter morning.

These are the places to visit if one wants to get a taste of offbeat Goa.