Cats Eye Glasses – 5 Ways To Style Up A Chic & Attractive Look

Cat-eye glasses - 5 Ways to style up a chic & attractive look

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Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and many more iconic actresses. The cat-eye glasses look on these actors have engraved into our hearts. Even after so many years, this style doesn’t fade away. 

You probably have the same desire to look chic and attractive just like the actresses. Looking pretty as Monroe might be a tough task, but hey you can totally pull off a chic look wearing cat-eye glasses. Here are 5 ways to get that attractive look.

Better clothes make you look better. Cat-eye glasses look good with a chic style of clothes. You can not wear leather jackets, high boots with your cat-eye glasses unless you want to be labelled as a fashion terrorist. Cat-eye glasses give off an elegant aura. You need to match it.

You can wear light coloured dresses or denim jackets to get a chic look. Just remember to follow a minimalist style. Nothing too loud.

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  • Right Make-Up

Make-up is an essential tool for a woman. Doing the right make-up will make you look wow and the wrong one will attract attention for all the wrong reasons. To match with your chic look, try to do minimum make-up. Smokey make-up will make you look a demon behind glasses and not to mention your outfit doesn’t match the rock vibe of smokey makeup.

Use concealer to hide the marks on your face. Glasses often leave behind marks on your face. Put an appropriate amount of concealer to hide these marks. 

Next, apply an appropriate foundation, the one matching your face tone. The wrong foundation will make your face look cakey. And your glasses will smudge off the extra layer on your face. So, apply as much as required. 

Apply eyebrow gels and brush them. Your eyebrows are not getting hidden behind glasses. Rather they are getting more attention. 

Next, for your eye make-up, try doing minimal make-up. You can go for no eye makeup with just eyeliners. But that will be a very dull look. To get an attractive look, do enough eye make-up to make them stand out against your glasses. 

Apply eyeliner of blue or green colour. Do not use the usual black eyeliner. Black eyeliner behind glasses will not stand out. 

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For eyelashes, apply mascara at the roots. Your long eyelashes will rub off on the glasses. It will be better for you to curl them. Volumise your eyelashes rather than lengthening them.

Last, for eye shadows, try lighter shades. You can apply the glitter over your shadows. It will attract attention, just not dark eye shadows.

  • Minimalist Accessory

Less is More. Wear minimalist style jewellery. A chain with tiny charm and tiny earrings will look great with your style. Don’t wear anything that will overshadow your glasses or your eyes. For your shoes, of course, wear heels. Lighter shades of stilettos matching your outfits will look great.

If you think your glasses are not doing the job of making you look great, then you can try out a different style of glasses. Order glasses online and try other chic style glasses. Round metal rims also make you chic with the right outfit. You can try out this style of glasses as well.

  • The Right Colour for your Glasses

Cat-eye style of glasses makes you look elegant and attractive. These glasses also make you look young and approachable. With the right colour matching your face and personality, you can get a fitting look any time with your glasses.

To find the right colour for you, you need to match it with your skin tone, hair colour, eye colour and the colour of outfits you mostly wear. 

You can wear black cat-eye glasses if you are too confused. Black suits every skin tone. You can try other neutral tones like brown, lighter shades of brown to get a chic look. Wear monotone eyeglasses.  A lot of colours will make your look distracting. You can try gradient tones. 

Pastel coloured eyeglasses make your chic look pop up. You will look trendy and vibrant wearing such colours.

Transparent cat-eye glasses will fit most of your chic outfits. A transparent or crystal frame stands out against light coloured clothes. You can definitely try out this style. You can try out various translucent glasses in this style.

Specscart has a huge collection of cat-eye glasses in various shades. Check out the collection and try them at home. Specscart provides a free home trial service. You can choose your favourite ones and try them at home. You can check for yourself what colour of cat-eye glasses match you the most.

  • Confidence

You will miss the mark if you do not wear your glasses with the right attitude. Be confident and wear your chic style confidently. Keep your back straight, your head held up high and go out of your home. Don’t worry you look great. You always do.