Actions Taken by Different Countries to Counter Corona Virus

Actions Taken by Different Countries to Counter Corona Virus

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More than 50 countries have declared a lockdown to know the cause of coronavirus. Due to this, more than 230 crore people have been imprisoned in homes. Among these, 130 crore people alone will be lockdown in India only. It will start at midnight on Tuesday. While addressing the nation on Tuesday, Prime Minister Modi announced a 21-day mandatory lockdown, saying that people consider it as a curfew. Many countries declaring lockdowns have made it mandatory, while some have not enforced it strictly. Only people have been appealed to stay at home.

The G20 Extra Virtual Leadership Summit will be held tomorrow to counter the global pandemic coronavirus. King Salman bin Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia will head the meeting.

The chiefs of the G-20 countries will meet via video conferencing to formulate a strategy against Corona. This conferencing will be held on Thursday 26 March. It was proposed by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Which was accepted by King Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia, the current head of Group-20? The meeting will be attended by the heads of nations of all 20 countries, including Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin. It will discuss the situation arising out of the Corona epidemic and the economic crisis. Representatives from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the World Bank will also be involved. The Corona transition began in Wuhan, China. It is believed that President Xi Jinping can share much important information at this meeting. Necessary measures can be given to fight Corona by which other countries can protect themselves from this epidemic.

PM Modi said that this is only a kind of curfew which will be more strict than public curfew. He said clearly in his address that the coming 21 days are very important for India. There is no other way to protect against Corona. After this announcement, many Bollywood stars have appealed to the people, supporting PM Modi’s decision of complete lockdown for 21 days.

Telangana Chief Minister K.K. Chandrasekhar Rao has spoken of strict handling if the lockdown is not followed.

At the same time, the Chief Minister of Telangana appealed to the people of his state not to come out earlier, he said, ‘No one should come on the roads at any cost. If anyone has any problem, then they call 100 numbers. The car will come to your home and help you. Rao appealed to the people to cooperate.

Actionable TIPs To Avoid Coronavirus

Those who do not follow the rules and guidelines during the 21-day lockdown will be dealt with under Section 51 of the Disaster Management Act. It has provisions for both punishment and fine. Failure to stop the lockdown could result in a fine of Rs 200 as well as imprisonment for one month.

On one hand, the outbreak of the coronavirus is increasing in countries like America, France, and Italy, on the other hand, it has been controlled to a large extent in China, which is the justify of this virus. China is going to remove the lockdown from Hubei province, which is the justify of origin of this virus today. In America, the number of corona infected cases has crossed 50 thousand, while in France 1100 people have died due to this virus. More than two lakh people have been infected with the virus in Europe. Talking about the whole world, so far more than four lakh cases of corona infection have been reported, while 18605 people have died.

Chinas want to avoid blaming of Corona Virus

There was a conversation over the telephone between Indian Foreign Minister Jaishankar and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Tuesday. In which Yang appealed to India not to use the word ‘Chinese virus’ while referring to the Coronavirus. This tarnishes their country’s image and can be dangerous for international cooperation.