8 Vital Tips to Rock Statement Necklace

8 Vital Tips to Rock Statement Necklace

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A statement necklace has become the hot favorite without which no woman’s wardrobe is complete. It is capable of making or breaking your look and as it is such a powerful add-on, you have to make proper use of this accessory and keep your best foot forward while doing so.

Statement necklaces can transform any casual outfit into something that will attract attention. Learn lifestyle meaning for you. There are unlimited ways how you can sport your statement necklace as there are a plethora of colors, styles, and designs that will allow you to express yourself just the way you are.

The statement neckpieces

The statement neckpieces not only help you look your best but also help you bring out your true personality and signature style. But if you are at a loss and are not aware of wearing the necklace in the right way, here are some tips for you that can come to your rescue.

• Opt for a Simple Look to Make Your Necklace the Star – The statement necklaces should be the star of your entire look. Try to let the necklace be the focal point of the attire. Wear an outfit that complements the outfit and add other accessories. For example, you can wear a simple pair of jeans, a solid colored t-shirt, a flamboyant statement necklace and shoes that go with the color of the necklace.

• Opt for Multi-layered Statement Necklace – The multi-layered necklaces are perfect to be worn with the trendy, casual or dressy outfits. The layered statement necklace is ideal to be worn with the collared striped shirts for balancing out the neckline shape. You should also try to complement your bold necklace with the tight-ripped jeans and leather jacket for a chic and cool look. Although the multi-layered piece is quite bold, you can style it up with everyday outfits.

• Avoid Wearing Earrings Unless They Are Subtle – If your earrings are bold as your necklace there is excessively going on and people won’t be able to focus on the necklace. You should either opt for wearing small studs or no earrings at all.

• Mix and Match with the Patterned Shirts – The patterned shirts great for all the ladies who are fun-loving. You can groove up your patterned shirt a bit more by adding a statement necklace. The animal, floral and geometric prints all work well with the jewelry pieces that are stylish. The animal, floral and geometric pieces all work with the statement jewelry. If a neutral color is a base for your patterned shirt, then you can use a colored necklace to look bold and chic. For creating the wow factor, just put on the understated shoes and bottom.

• Showcase a Single Statement Piece with Blazer and Blouse in Complementing Shades – You can button up and blouse up the shade. Button the blouse to the collar and pair it up with the fitted blazer.

• Mix and Match the Statement Choker with Cropped Top and Skirt – The cropped tops are already a part of the statement. Make sure that the necklace is seen by selecting a statement choker. For the complete look, you should use a necklace and top it with a skirt. You should wear a black cropped top with a black statement choker along with a multi-colored maxi skirt.

• Match the Statement Necklace with Your Neckline – You don’t want the top to be distracting when you flaunt your statement necklace. The most popular types of necklines include – off-shoulder, strapless, scoop-necked or tops. The halter necks, collars and detailing (near the face) must be shunned as they will not match with the bold pieces. A statement neckpiece goes well with the one-colored turtle-necked sweater. If yours is an attention-grabbing necklace then it is better to go for neutral tones like white, nude or black for your t-shirt.

• Wear It Right – If you are thinking about how to opt for a bold necklace without conflicting, ensure that you match it in the right way. If you are putting on a colored shirt, go with a necklace that shares the same color pallet. You can choose any colored necklace if your outfit is made with neutral shades. If you want to add more shades to a neutral outfit go for bright shoes or a bag. Just make sure that they match with the shade of your statement neckpiece.

So now that you know the rules of the games, go and buy a statement necklace from your favorite store and flaunt like a queen whenever you want.

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