8 GOMovies Alternatives – Watch Movies Online For Free

GOMovies Alternatives - Watch Movies Online For Free

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For a long time, I’ve wondered what the best alternatives to GoMovies would be. After all, I love the service just the way it is. The simplicity and flexibility of renting or downloading my movies at home make it perfect for my needs. I don’t have to waste time driving to the store, standing in line, and finding out once and for all that the new releases are genuinely the best of the bunch. With the advent of services like Blockbuster and Netflix, the process has become significantly more streamlined.

As with anything else on the internet, there are good services, and there are bad ones. With the current trend in online movie rental (like, more importantly, VHS tape rental), inadequate services have been exposed. While there are some excellent services out there, like Movie Katz and Netflix, there are far too many websites like Go Movies that cater to the same movie genre. These sites offer similar movie selections, but the difference is the interface, prices, and user experience.

Top 8 Websites List For you:

  • 1 Vidics
  • 2 Movie4u
  • 3 FMovies
  • 4 123Movies
  • 5 123MoviesFree
  • 6 Megashare9
  • 7 PandaMovie
  • 8 HouseMovie

What is the Best Advice to go with Zumocast?

My advice would be to go with Zumocast or Vongo Video On Demand since they’re the most similar. They both allow you to watch unlimited movies and TV shows, and they’re both straightforward to use. If you’re interested in downloading the videos, MySpace and Vongo both let you do that as well. My recommendation is to sign up for both services and then choose the best for you.

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Vongo Video is similar to Zumocast in many ways, except that it also includes a library of videos. Like MySpace, it allows you to search by title, actor, director, etc., and then sort them by date. The only thing it doesn’t do as well is to let you download the video. It’s still a decent service and has all the same options as Zumocast.

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Why is Vigo video in Demand?

Last but not least is Vongo Video On Demand. It’s a direct download service that streams the movies directly to your computer. There are no fees, and there’s no subscription. All you have to do is login and choose which movies you want. It also supports popular video streaming sites like Hulu and Epcot.

What is your interest?

If you’re interested in online TV, either on your PC at work or on your TV at home, these are two services I highly recommend. The choice comes down to personal preference. I prefer Zumocast since it’s easier to navigate and provides more options, but both can stream the movies from specific websites. If you aren’t interested in downloading movies, you have other options. One of them is burning your DVD to a disc. While this will probably be a more complicated and time-consuming process, it can preserve your favorite movies for many years to come. So you might want to think about doing this first if you don’t have any burning equipment.

Another option is signing up for an online service that lets you download movies for a monthly fee. These services usually offer a wide variety of movie titles, and some even let you watch multiple movies online at the same time. For around forty dollars a month, you can get unlimited access to movies and TV shows. As with Zumocast and Vongo, these services are effortless to use. You download the software and sign up for an account so that you can download it.


These are some of the best alternatives to Gomovies out there. Both of them provide good value for the money and allow you to download as many movies as you’d like. The only thing that Zumocast has a bit better is the selection. If you don’t mind paying for each movie and waiting a few weeks for them to download, Zumocast is an excellent choice.