5 Reasons You Need to Check Out Fearless Living by Rhonda Britten

5 Reasons You Need to Check Out Fearless living by Rhonda Britten

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Maybe you have heard about Rhonda Britten, life coach and founder of the Fearless Living Institute. And just like many other people, you’re curious about her services. If you still haven’t visited the Fearlessliving.org page, these five reasons should motivate you to do so:

You Want to Overcome Your Fear

Every person fears something. But for some people, this can stop them from living a free life.

So instead of aspiring for something better, they settle for lukewarm relationships or unsatisfying work.

As a result, they live a life full of regrets.

So if you want to truly find your purpose, you need to sign up for the Fearless Living workshop.

With this, you can learn how to improve your life in just three days.

Through this program, life coach Rhonda Britten can help you:

  • Find your fears
  • Discover the patterns that affect the way you live in this world
  • Master the techniques that can help you live fearlessly

You Want to Live the Life You Deserve

Think that the world won’t get any better, no matter how hard you try? When you join the Fearless Living program, you can be free of fear. That way, you’ll experience the life you truly deserve.

Rhonda specially developed this program for those who:

  • Doubt their intelligence and confidence
  • Blame themselves for everything that goes wrong
  • Struggle with their relationships
  • Want to make the right decision
  • Give up on things easily
  • Wish to thrive without shame or guilt
  • Want to make a difference in the world

At the end of ten weeks, Rhonda can help you become:

  • Proactive in life so that you overcome the thing you fear
  • Stronger so that you can get rid of everything that holds you back
  • Successful because this is the life you deserve

You Want to Be a Great Coach or Leader

Do you want to be an effective manager or life coach just like Rhonda Britten? Not only will she help you overcome your fears—she can assist you into becoming a great coach, just like her!

All you just need to do is join the Fearless Living Institute’s Conversations workshop.

Apart from helping you transform into a great leader, this program can also benefit your relationships. Be it love or pure work, it can help you become a better partner.

With this course, you can also learn how to:

  • Get to the bottom of a person’s fear so he/she would share this with you
  • Help a person achieve an ‘aha moment’ in as little as seven minutes
  • Use an eight-step framework that will prod people to find their purpose in life
  • Help clients work their fear of failure
  • Deal with difficult individuals
  • Trust your intuition
  • Stay away from arguments
  • Motivate customers

You Want to Learn From Someone With Experience

Rhonda is the perfect person to teach you the secrets of fearless living. After all, she has been in your shoes.

Like you, she’s been through alcoholism and a lacklustre career. She’s fallen out of love and has lived through a divorce.

In her desire to fix herself, Rhonda studied psychology and brain science intently. Here, she learned all about fear and how it led her from one bad decision to another.

Thanks to the time and effort she spent in her studies, she eventually became a world leader when it comes to dealing with fear.

As she has ‘been there, done that,’ she is the most capable coach to support you.

Plus, she’s also:

  • A four-time best-selling author. She penned the books Fearless Living,’ ‘Change Your Life in 30 Days,’ ‘Fearless Loving,’ and ‘Do I Look Fat in This?’
  • A reality TV host of 600 episodes. She was the lead coach of the show ‘Starting Over,’ which ran from 2003 to 2006. She also appeared in Celebrity Fit Club season 7.
  •  An Emmy Award winner. The show ‘Starting Over’ won a Daytime Emmy, the first for any reality TV series.

You Want Freebies

Apart from getting the support, you need from the Fearless Living programs, visiting the website gives you access to the following:

  • A free guide to the ’25 Tricks of Fear’
  • Fearbuster Coaching Toolkit
  • Helpful podcasts that will redefine your mindset, upgrade your language, and enhance your coaching skills

She’ll also share these freebies with workshop participants:

  • Fearless Living audiobook
  • Get Motivated Course: ‘Stretch, Risk, or Die’
  • Say No Boundary Checklist
  • Wheel of Fear Trigger Secrets eBook
  • Videos on “How to Forgive the Unforgivable” and “Frienemies: The Third Rule”

Final Thoughts:

There’s no need to stay in work or relationships that don’t satisfy you. Like other people, you need to embark on the path to fearless living. And with Rhonda’s assistance, you can enjoy this new chapter in life.