Top 5 Reasons Kids Learn How to Play Basketball at Academy

Top 5 Reasons Kids Learn How to Play Basketball at Academy

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Learning how to play basketball from a young age has a number of benefits. It’s no secret that active kids are more likely to become active adults, leading to an overall healthier lifestyle, however, the advantages of playing basketball from a young age don’t stop there. Basketball is a team sport and thus, sending your child to a basketball academy will involve social interaction with other children as well as structure from the basketball programs. All of these elements are beneficial for your child in a number of different ways.

While there are many different options for helping your child learn to play basketball, including much more affordable options, we believe that an academy is the best option for all children. It affords children many more benefits which often justify its comparatively steep price.

How does your child learn how to play basketball at an academy in Sydney?

As we’re discussing the benefits associated with learning to play basketball at an academy, it’s important that we discuss what learning to play basketball is like at an academy.

Academies offer more structure than one-on-one coaching or informal sessions with friends. Their classes are usually separated among major age groups, skill level and technique with some foundational classes spanning all ages.

Programs at academies often consist of a mixture of activities, games, mock game sessions and warm-up exercises all of which are guided by coaches and trainers. At some academies, the importance of nutrition is also taught.

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Why should my kid learn to play basketball at an academy?

1.  Helpful for muscle development

Unsurprisingly, there’s a lot of physical activity at a basketball academy. From running, jumping, dribbling and shooting, your kid will undergo a whole-body every day they are at the academy. This is helpful for children who are prone to sitting on the couch and having very little physical activity in their life. It provides a structured opportunity for fitness and helps to increase their endurance and muscle development.

This type of exercise also improves kids’ overall energy levels and metabolism which is also helpful for concentration during school.

2. Understand the importance of good sportsmanship

Good sportsmanship is something that not even some of the best professional athletes in the world demonstrate. However, this skill is important both on and off the court. Basketball teaches children how to win and lose. At basketball academies, coaches make a conscious effort to ensure that children practise good sportsmanship before and after each game. For example, they are encouraged to shake hands after the game, regardless of who wins or loses.

3. Improve social development and teamwork skills

As mentioned before, basketball is a team sport that involves communication and teamwork. At an academy, coaches try to mimic professional basketball games and often have programs that incorporate teamwork. During these games and classes, children learn how to work with other kids of different ages, personalities and skill level.

They begin to understand how to be supportive of each other as well as learn how to communicate in moments of stress and tension. This translates into their school life as they will understand how to communicate with different children at their school and in some cases, become more outgoing when it comes to making friends. In some cases, some children may also attend the same academy and school, giving your child a solid social circle.

4. Learn discipline

Playing basketball at an academy involves respecting authority (the coach), other teammates even when emotions are high as well as following the rules of the game. Being bound by these regulations and this code of practice provides children with a solid foundation of respect and discipline.

For younger kids especially, this is beneficial because it prepares them for their later years at school and in the working world where appropriate behaviour is expected. For school, it is also especially helpful as it helps them to control themselves much better when it comes to their studies.

5. Improve one’s self-esteem

The stresses of being a child often lead to a decrease in their self-esteem, whether they play basketball or not. This is a natural pathway for many children as they often struggle with self-confidence.

At a basketball academy, your child will develop a strong and resilient personality from learning to work towards the perfection of a technique or scoring a goal at an important game. This will nurture their self-esteem, eventually allowing them to transfer into school and other areas of their lives.

We hope that these tips help to convince you that a basketball academy is beneficial and right for your child. If you’re in search of an academy, you’re spoiled for choice as there are many basketball training programs in Sydney. With basketball training programs available for all ages, skill levels and areas of Sydney, you are bound to find the one best suited for your family.