5 Different Types of Computer Mouses

5 Different Types of Computer Mouses

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Since the invention of the first computer mouse by an American engineer, Douglas Engelbert, it has evolved in diverse ways, including connection options, mechanisms, and ergonomics. 

There are two main types of mouses, namely wired and wireless mouses. A wired mouse connects to your computer via a cable. Wireless or cordless mouses, on the other hand, connect through Bluetooth or radiofrequency. 

In the current digital world, there are numerous types of mouses. You are sure to find a suitable mouse for any computer model of your choice, regardless of the size. In this blog, we will discuss five of these mouses to help you determine the most suitable one for your PC.

1. Wireless Mouse

As mentioned above, wireless mouses connect to the PC through other mechanisms like radiofrequency. In this category, the mouse acts as the transmitter and gives out signals to the computer as you move and click it. The computer then receives the signals and acts as commanded. In most cases, a USB receiver is plugged into the computer to receive the mouse’s alerts. 

There are three types of wireless mouses; radiofrequency mouse, Bluetooth Mouse, and infrared mouse. These types of computer mice are common nowadays. They are not likely to collide with other objects on the table and are easy to carry around.

However, wireless mice require batteries to function, which may interfere with your operations once in a while. For instance, the batteries can become weak in the middle of your gaming, or at a time you can not access new ones. Apart from this, wireless mouses have no other downside. You can also find more options on Youtube to get better suggestions.

2. Optical Mouse

This type is the most versatile type of mouse used in the present day. It uses a tiny sensor camera mounted at the bottom of the mouse that takes over a thousand images every second. It has a red LED bouncing the light off the surface onto the CMOS sensor, which sends the pictures to the DSP for analysis. 

The mouse can function on a wide range of surfaces. However, it might not work well on surfaces that do not reflect light. When you move the mouse, the sensor determines how far it has scrolled and signals the computer to move the cursor smoothly on the screen based on the coordinates it receives. 

They are likely to exhibit less dust buildup, as they do not have movable parts on the bottom. However, if debris builds up on the sensor, it can interfere with its detection ability. 

3. Laser Mouse

The Laser Mouse is the type of mouse that replaces the optical mouse, and it has presently become popular. People think this mouse has a higher tracking ability. This type works with a high power laser led compared to the optical, allowing it to capture even the slightest movements on diverse surfaces. The mouse uses a laser beam to reflect light in solitary. 

The absence of the movable parts also makes it less prone to damage and dust accumulation. You can use it on surfaces such as plastics and glass, but it might not be accurate like the optical mouse. 

4. Mechanical / Ball Mouse

This one is among the first computer mice ever invented. The improved version of the original wheeled mouse uses a rubber ball located on its bottom side that replaces the wheels to detect motion and can work well on surfaces that can reflect light, meaning it does not function on clear glass or plastic surfaces.

When you move the mouse, the ball rolls in the same direction, sending a signal to the sensor, which signals the computer to move the cursor on the screen to move in the same direction. This type was commonly used in the old days and is slowly fading away as their manufacture has stopped. For this type of mouse to function well, it requires regular cleaning.

5. Gaming Mouse

The gaming mouse is created particularly for gaming. It can make your gaming experience more fun as it has all it takes for winning; speed, accuracy, and all the other gaming features. 

The mouse has many buttons, unlike the usual mouse that has three buttons. These buttons are programmable and can do various things, all for the same purpose of gaming. 

The gaming mouse features particular ergonomics that can save you from chronic pains like back and arm pains. You can use the programmable buttons for other activities as you wish. But, remember that this mouse is big and bulky. Besides, it is more expensive than the ordinary mouse.

Winding Up

There are way too many computer mice out in the market. All you need to do is find out what each of them offers. It is easy to determine which mouse suits your needs by its functionality, design, and features. Also, consider your budget to get the best offer. I am a content writer on YTBPals website and we provided free YouTube subscribers for YouTube channels.