10 Reasons Behind Using Data Scraping Technology

10 Reasons behind Using Data Scraping Technology

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Data scraping is the process whereby data is extracted from a webpage, blog, social media channel, app, or any other source of information. It’s the year 2020, technology is advancing so instead of waiting for long hours to manually copy and paste information from the internet, data scraping services takes only a few minutes to extract an entire piece of information.

It’s Fast and Efficient

Scraping data manually is a time-consuming task and not recommended for any business manager, especially in this era, where is needed to be done faster. With web scraping, you can scrape as much information as you want within a few hours, a feat that may manually take a year.

Web scraping is great and beneficial for every business, especially in this era where data is everything. If you’re still wondering why using scraping technology is important to your business, here are 10 reasons why you should consider data scraping for your business:

1. Price Monitoring

Pricing plays an important role in any business operation and must be set right. However, most business owners fail to get their pricing strategies right to attract and win over their prospects.

For pricing monitoring, you can easily scrape pricing information online from various competitors and use these extracted details to monitor and analyze pricing trends and, in turn, formulate suitable pricing for your product or service.

2. Tracking Latest Trends and customer behavior

To know the behavior of customers what they are demanding is only fulfill by data analysis. Make analysis on which products are selling more, quality people are demanding, color and fashion trends in the market, etc.

3. Leads Generation

Generating leads is one of the most important processes in any business operation. Business owners can scrape leads from the social media channels, competitor’s source of information, and any other places where the lead Activity is higher.

4. Monitor Competitor Activities

To be successful, monitoring competitor’s activities is very important. This will help you to draw business insights that would drive your business forward. Data scraping services can help you to access your competitor’s pricing strategies down to what their customers are saying about them.

5. Track Stock Market

If you’re a stock investor, stock market data extraction can help you gain access to real-time stock market values, which you can use to track movement in stock prices and values.

6. Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis is the process of collecting opinions or behavior about particular products or topics from the text. Generally reviews and posts from social media like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are used for sentiment analysis.

7. Market Research

Every business needs to gain access to the latest information in the industry. Some kind of automated way is essential to collect such information, rather than having men everywhere to gather the latest stories for you.

8. Research and Journalism purpose

Researchers are always hungry to gather details for a specific topic on which they are working and want to explore something new. And also they are enough smart so don’t waste their time behind manual information collection rather than research work. They are always priories and searching for some time saving and automated ways.

The same way the journalism profession works on the same phenomenon. They have to collect details for preparing content for newspapers, magazines, or news websites.

9. Staffing and resourcing purpose

Staffing is a process of choosing the right persons for the right positions such that lead to a company in a progressive manner. All company has dreamed of appropriate and value-added employees. Therefore generally all companies hire HR and resources consultancy for employment. To fulfill all such companies’ employment need, staffing and resources agency extracts details from LinkedIn and popular job posting sites. At that time they use data extraction services like LinkedIn scraping, Monster scraping, Indeed scraping, Dice scraping, Viadeo scraping and more. LinkedIn is the best source for them. Know more about Why LinkedIn scraping became popular now a day for aggregate job data.

10. Preparing database for Marketing

Marketing is like the heart of all businesses and its common and basic thing that followed by all. Without proper marketing, no one can achieve success for their business. For that, all companies have to make an accurate database of targeted audiences that should be result oriented. Either they can purchase such a database from a database seller or can use an automated scraper tool. Tools are developed very user-friendly such manner anyone can use it, no need for any technical skill. There are various tools for a particular business directory also like Yellow pages scraper, Yelp scraper, Justdial Email scraper and many more. One of the interesting things is these tools are freely available on Google.

Now comes to point which businesses can take benefits of scraping technology

• Online Ecommerce and consumer business
• Real Estate business
• Automobile Industry
• Hotel and Travel business
• Travel booking agency
• Database selling company
• Analytics company
• Machine learning
• Business intelligence
• Staffing and resources consultancy
• Lead generation company
• Stockbroker and investor
• Marketing company
• SEO services company

Now that you have seen the many benefits of using scraping service, start to take benefits of it for your business today like a boss.